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Flip Your Soil: Planting Soybeans Into a Cover Crop Like Rye

For farmers trying to Flip their Soil and improve soil health one simple thing they can do this fall is plant cereal rye as a cover crop and plant soybeans into that stand. 

Ukraine Ag Export Numbers Have Recovered to Prewar Levels

Data from Ukraine’s Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food shows the country shipped 6.9 million metric tons of grain, vegetables and edible oils last month, nearly matching the 7.1 million tons exported in Sept. 2021. 

I-80 Harvest Tour: South Dakota is a Tale of Two Crops

In South Dakota the harvest is a tale of two crops with big differences in moisture from North to South. 

Rural Appraisers: The Continuing Problem with Septic Tanks

Unfortunately, problems with the septic system continue to be an ongoing source of claims made against appraisers.

Peanut Butter & Jelly’s Alternate Universe

The real elephant in the room when it comes to plant-based foods is not the ingredients or the sometimes over-the-top health claims. No, it is the agenda that comes along with it.

Is Carbon the New Cash Cow? Elanco CEO Thinks Dairy Farmers Could Make More Money Off Carbon Than Milk

Dairy producers could soon serve up a climate solution that creates significant economic incentives for their farm. Jeff Simmons thinks dairy farmers are just years from making more money off carbon than milk products.

Ferrie: Soybean Yields are Swinging More than Usual, September Rains Helped Corn

Results are also in from some corn teaching plots planted at the Heyworth, Ill., campus, including four starter plots, a series of sulfur timing plots, plus nitrogen and planting population plots.

Flip Your Soil: Farmers Wanting to Improve Soil Health Need to Make it More Alive Through Microbial Activity

Farmers getting started on a path to improving soil health can only accomplish that if they Flip their Soil to make it more alive.  

Rob-See-Co Acquires Federal Hybrids

This acquisition positions Rob-See-Co as the 14th largest corn seed company in the United States.

Report: Russia Will Support Grain Export Deal Extension

Russia will support an extension of the grain export deal despite concerns about its implementation because that would present the best opportunity for increased Russian ag and fertilizer shipments. . .

Chiropractor Makes Field Visits to Help Farmers Find Relief

Need a chiropractic adjustment but can’t make it to the office? Ask your doctor to come to the field. Dr. Blake Wayson hauls his portable adjustment table to the field to help farmers find relief in the busy seasons.

Making Ranch Life Easier: Ranch Hacks Go Viral

Finding ways to make ranch life easier, “Malcolm’s Ranch Hacks” shares unique and useful tools and equipment on social media as quality rancher entertainment.

Flip Your Soil: How Do Farmers Get Started Implementing Soil Health Practices on Their Farms?

Mitchell Hora, agronomist and CEO of Continuum Ag, advises farmers to implement soil health practices within the context of each field, which includes working with local experts and doing research.

Ostara Breaks Ground in St. Louis

The company says it plans to have product ready for the 2024 growing season. Its scale will produce up to 200,000 tons per year for North American distribution.

Flip Your Soil: Climate Smart Agriculture New Name for Conservation Practices Designed to Promote Soil Health and Carbon Sequestration

Soli health practices can help Flip Your Soil from good to great.  These practices are also part of the new push for Climate Smart Agriculture practices to sequester carbon.  

AMVAC Expands Traceability Tech from SIMPAS to Other Supply Chain Applications

AMVAC first developed the SIMPAS application system as an extension of their SmartBox technology, and now that trajectory continues with ULTIMUS. 

Advent International and Wilbur-Ellis Merge Life Sciences Businesses

With this change, Wilbur-Ellis is solidifying its position as a leader in agriculture and food-related industries in North America.

Farm Bureau Seeks ‘Unified’ Farm Bill of Ag and Nutrition Aid

American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) released its general new farm bill recommendations on Thursday. First on the AFBF’s list: “protect farm bill program spending.”

National 4-H Unveils Plans for Its $50 Million Donation

After six months of “extensive” input from industry leaders, the council has decided, over the course of the next five years, $10 million will be dedicated to workforce and program development plans.

Minority Farmers Sue Over Repeal of the Debt Relief Program

The Virginia farmers filing the suit allege repeal of the debt relief effort is a breach of contract by the government, arguing some farmers made financial plans based on the expectation of getting debt relief.

Land O’Lakes CEO Praises U.S. Farmers for Their Role in Food Security

The leader of one of America’s largest food and agriculture companies said the country’s farmers should be celebrated for their crucial role in providing food security, even if their work is sometimes overlooked.

New Record: Iowa Farm Joins the $26,000 Per Acre Club

Farmland is still going for record amounts. Just look at this recent sale in Iowa. In Plymouth County, Iowa, a new record was set to the tune of $26,250 per acre.

Nebraska Farmers Harvest Disappointing Crop in a Season Plagued by Drought

Harvest results in Nebraska are understandably disappointing with some of the driest conditions during the season since the drought of 2012. 

Food Inflation and Higher Input Costs May Ease but Will Still Persist Through 2022

Rising prices are impacting every aspect of the food and agriculture supply chain and that may not change dramatically through the balance of 2022 according to the Federal Reserve Banks of Minneapolis and Kansas City.

A Historical Day: SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments on Proposition 12

Terry Wolters was one of a handful of pork producers who watched Supreme Court justices grill attorneys with questions during oral arguments on Oct. 11 in NPPC v. Ross challenging the constitutionality of Prop 12.

Viterra Completes Acquisition of Gavilon

Viterra—The Agriculture Network operates in more than 37 countries with 180+ storage facilities, 30+ processing facilities, 25 port terminals and transport assets and 17,000 employees.

A Small-Town Minnesota Bank Features Grizzlies and Beer Bottling Lines

Grizzly bear, deer, museum items and a beer bottling line sending bottles down the track near where you visit with the tellers are all part of the offerings at The State Bank of Faribault.

Headwinds Start to Develop on U.S. Ag Export Front with Trade Deficit, Low Mississippi River Water Levels Add to Concern

The U.S. is projected to have record ag exports for the marketing year but is still posting a trade deficit.  Plus, headwinds such as slow water levels on the Mississippi River are adding to trade concerns.

Possible U.S. Rail Strike Now Back On the Table

A labor strike along U.S. railroads is still a possibility after the third-largest railroad union rejected a tentative labor agreement this week. The agreement had the support of the White House.

How Long Could Supply Chain Problems Persist For Farmers? John Deere Weighs In

Transportation troubles have plagued agriculture all year, and experts say supply chain problems could persist through 2023 for farmers, which is unwelcome news for farmers already seeing problems sourcing parts.

"Better Late Than Never” Changes to Seasonal Ag CDL Program

Richard Gupton says this development is helpful as this previous year’s entry-level driver training program went into effect for the CDL program has become a barrier to entry costing $6,000 to $8,000. 

How Prop 12 Could Impact Crop and Livestock Producers

“If California were to win this Supreme Court case, there’s nothing stopping the state from saying, for example, you can only sell corn in California if it’s harvested with an electric combine,” says Dillard.

Stand Uniformity a Huge Part of "Winning the Furrow": That Starts with the Planter

Agronomist Missy Bauer, of B&M Crop Consulting says when farmers think about winning the furrow it starts with stand uniformity.  "It's got to be uniform soil around there to make that happen. "

A cotton boll from Red Land Cotton.
Walmart Foundation Gives $2 Million Toward Regenerative Cotton

The USRCF started in 2021 working with farmers in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia and Mississippi. It has farmer-to-farmer education markets bringing together more than 100 cotton farmers.

Scoular Acquires Walker Products' Grain Elevator in Lincoln, Kansas

Scoular, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, operates a Midwestern grain handling network that includes more than 50 facilities in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

DLF Launches Brand and Business Unification in North America

DLF Pickseed is proud to announce it has unified its brand and business under the name DLF - the global market leader in forage and turf seed, in operation for over 100 years.

Mosaic Shares Recovery Details After Hurricane Ian

The company expects the necessary repairs to its facilities will be complete in one to two weeks.

400 Farmers Shared Their Weed Nemesis, Does Yours Match?

The results are in. Around 400 farmers answered the AgWeb poll of: What Is Your Top Weed Nemesis on Your Farm?

3 Big Carbon Questions For Farmers

The future of voluntary carbon markets for agriculture is still coming into focus. As such, farmers continue to assess the landscape and weigh their opportunities.

AgLaunch365 is a farm-centric program that will assists in field trials and attracting investments for ag startups.
AgLaunch and Farm Journal Announce 8 Startups In 2022 Row Crop Challenge

AgLaunch is hosting 8 row crop agtech start-ups for the 2022 AgLaunch365 Row Crop Challenge. Up to five teams will be selected for the AgLaunch365 Accelerator and on-farm trials with AgLaunch Farmer Network members.

Lallemand Names “Hometown Roots” Contest Winners

Three rural community groups are set to receive $5,000 in financial support, as Lallemand Plant Care today announced the winners of the Hometown Roots Family Contest in Iowa, Montana, and North Dakota.

Is Frost Headed to Your Fields this Week? Check Out this Map

Colder air is drifting toward much of the Corn Belt to end the week. It is advancing through the central U.S. and then will continue its chilly journey toward the East Coast.

New Land Analysis Tool Puts a Twist on Plat Book Concept

Acres platform provides comprehensive data to analyze value and productivity on 150 million parcels of land

Expect New WOTUS Testing Rules by the End of 2022, According to Government Lawyer

By the end of the year, the Biden administration is expected to issue new rules that Government Lawyer Brian Fletcher told the court will “provide greater clarity to the regulated public on all parts of the test.”

Stalk Rots: Be on the Lookout for This Yield Robber at Harvest

Sneaky and quiet, stalk rots can take a big bite out of corn yields.

Hurricane Ian's Deadly Punch to One Florida Dairy

Despite experiencing Hurricane Ian firsthand, Dakin Dairy Farms in Myakka City, Fla., is committed to not only making sure their cows are still well cared for, but they’re also becoming a local helping hub.

Entries Open For 2023 4R Advocate Awards

To date, 120 4R Advocates from 24 states, representing nearly one-quarter million acres have been recognized.

Foreign Farmland Ownership to be Addressed in New Study

House Republicans asked the General Accountability Office to conduct a study on U.S. lands owned by foreign entities. The letter was signed by scores of other House Republicans.

Why a New App Designed by Iowa State Could Be a Game Changer to Identify and Diagnose Unwanted Pests

A new pest ID app designed by Iowa State University is the first of its kind for not only insect detection, but also suggested management practices that can help farmers rid their fields of unwanted pests.

Supreme Court to Hear WOTUS Arguments on Monday

The WOTUS case, Sackett v. EPA, centers on a long-running dispute involving an Idaho couple named Chantell and Michael Sackett. The Sacketts have won at the Supreme Court before.