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Fundamental Outlook: The Farmland Market Should be Buffered from a Collapse

A key financial ratio we watch at LandOwner Newsletter suggests the financial health of the agriculture sector is still strong and not overly leveraged.

Farm Share of the U.S. Food Dollar Hit a Record Low; What Does this Mean for Producers?

Data released by USDA on Monday shows the farm share of the U.S. food dollar hit an all-time low in 2021. However, USDA says the decrease doesn’t necessarily mean producers are making less.

ARA, Ag Groups Urge Congress to Pass Tentative Agreement to Avoid Rail Strike

The agricultural groups noted that a rail strike or lockout combined with existing challenges in the U.S. transportation system would have harmful consequences for the agricultural and broader U.S. economies.

Highlights From ARA Conference Keynotes And Breakout Speakers

On Wednesday, the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) concluded its first full day of the 2022 ARA Conference & Expo with more than 600 ag retail industry professionals in attendance.

Renewable Fuel's Big Week: EPA's RFS Proposal And Year-Round E15 Legislation

Proposed renewable fuel volume targets, electric vehicle's seat at the RFS table and year-round E15 odds: Here's everything you need to know about renewable fuel's big week on The Hill.

Congress Steps in to Avert Railroad Strike: House Passes Measure, Awaits Senate Approval

Congress is stepping in to avert a nationwide railroad strike, which was set to happen as early as December 9.

Find The Efficiency

Folks are excited to try things in a new crop year. It’s the eternal promise of spring. Those in agriculture also face apprehension of the unknown or, confirmation we often don’t learn from mistakes the first time.

Business Innovation Award: Digitize then Automate

Ceres Solutions’ location at Crops 63 illustrates what the organization has been able to achieve in taking its ERP, agronomics and business data to elevate how it serves customers and builds a sustainable business. 

Corteva Signs Agreement to Acquire Stoller Group

With operations and sales in more than 60 countries and 2022 forecasted revenues of more than $400 million, Stoller provides immediate scale and profitability, Corteva said in a company press release.

Verdant Robotics raises $46.5M to advance robotic technology

The Hayward, Calif.-based company's commercial robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) services a variety of specialty crops on thousands of acres with orders pending for tens of thousands of additional acres.

Agricultural Retailers Association Convenes Annual Conference, Celebrates 30th Anniversary

“On behalf of the ARA Board of Directors, I welcome this year’s attendees as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the association,” says ARA President and CEO Daren Coppock.

Congress “Likely” to Pass a Rail Deal this Week, According to Soy Transportation Coalition’s Steenhoek

Pelosi said the House this week will “take up a bill adopting the tentative agreement—with no poison pills or changes to the negotiated terms—and send it to the Senate.” Some industry leaders feel it will pass.

What You Need to Know About Vilsack's GMO Corn Conversation in Mexico

Vilsack urged Mexico to "find a way forward" and said that if Mexico's plans went unchanged, the U.S. government would be forced to consider all options, including legal action under the USMCA.

AGRIServices of Brunswick Now Offering Digital Payments Via Bushel

“It was amazing to see how easy it was to set up a Wallet account,” Mike Hainline, grain merchandiser at ASB said.

Cargill Acquires Owensboro Grain Company

The addition of Owensboro Grain Company enhances Cargill's efforts to modernize and increase capacity across its North American oilseeds network

2023 Looks Like a Tough Year to Control Weeds

Dry conditions and limited herbicide supplies crippled many farmers' weed-control efforts this year, setting up a perfect storm for weeds and grasses next season. Here are five ways to take charge of the situation.

Crude Oil Hits 11-Month Low Monday Before Reversing Yet Diesel Sees No Relief: What's the Outlook for 2023?

West Texas intermediate crude oil prices hit an 11-month low of $73.60 per barrel Monday before rebounding to close higher.  So, what is driving the market and how long will these lower price levels last? 

USDA Announces Additional Disaster and Pandemic Assistance: Climate Smart Ag Programs to Follow

USDA has announced additional disaster and pandemic assistance for farmers, plus there is more funding for climate smart ag on the way.

5 Eye-Popping Farmland Sales from 5 States

Check out these impressive farmland sales from 2022.

winter wheat
Harvest of Thanks: Paying Tribute to the Father of the Green Revolution

Norman Borlaug helped develop wheat varieties in Mexico, and later in Pakistan, India and other locations that helped feed and save the lives of millions of people, and his childhood is quite the story in itself.

Is $30,000 Per Acre Farmland Now the New Norm or a Phenomenon?

Farmland sales continue to smash records. The latest is an Iowa land sale that came in at $30,000 per acre. Is it a trend or a one-time phenomenon?

The Scoop Podcast: Regulatory Uncertainty

As Richard Gupton from ARA says, the developments around the pending rail strike are still up in the air. He also gives updates from OSHA and EPA policies.

NAICC: We The People …

A major roadblock that organizations face is the struggle to transition members to leadership positions.

AMVC and Landus Feed Mill Construction Underway in Iowa

First announcing the collaborative in March 2022, construction of the AMVC and Landus feed mill in Hamlin, Iowa, is underway with full operation expected by summer 2024.

Certis Biologicals Names New U.S. Sales Director

Tim Riley joined Certis Biologicals in 2020 as Key Account Manager, supporting the company’s business partnerships with distribution leaders.

Rail Strike Update: Labor Deal Deadline Shortened to Dec. 5

Unions and railroads are back at the negotiating table. By law, Congress can intervene to impose an agreement if the two sides remain deadlocked. However, one union is now on schedule to strike Dec. 5.

I-80 Harvest Tour: Harvest Wraps up with Dry Conditions Resulting in Surprising Yields in Ohio and Missouri

From Ohio to Missouri dry conditions impacted this year's production. Farmers are finding some disappointments at harvest but also some welcome surprises considering the lack of moisture during the growing season.

ARA's Work To Improve The Industry Continues

For 30 years, ARA and its membership have worked together to advance positive outcomes that benefit the business of ag retailers and their farmer-customers.

Flip Your Soil: Farmers in Dry Climates use Holistic Approach to Soil Health Including Cover Crops

Farmers in dry climates are taking a holistic approach to flipping their soil to make it healthier and that includes cover crops.

Iowa Farmer Goes Bushels Up and Fertilizer Down with Biologicals

Matt Brincks’ average yields have climbed 30 bushels in corn and 12 bushels in soybeans, while his nitrogen fertilizer use has dipped by half, along with a two-thirds drop in phosphorus and potassium.

Rep. G.T. Thompson Lists His 3 Farm Bill Objectives

Thompson is gearing up to replace Rep. Scott as the House Ag chairman in Jan. With his new title in tow, Thompson will be working alongside current Senate Ag Chairwoman Stabenow to pass farm bill 2023. 

An Added Headache for Producers This Fall: Vomitoxin Found in Corn in Eastern Corn Belt

Farmers and livestock producers are facing another headache this fall.  In parts of the eastern corn belt there are reports of vomitoxin in corn.  

The Scoop Podcast: The Farm Bill Looms Large

After the mid-term elections, ARA’s Hunter Carpenter says it’ll take a focus on getting things done in a bipartisian fashion for the 118th Congress.

Biggest Manure Pile in U.S. History Excreted Sweet Stink of Money

A steaming heap of manure large enough to fill a sporting arena once triggered an Iowa war between stockyards and city fathers.

Scoular Opens New High-Speed Shuttle Loading Facility

Scoular’s new Grainton shuttle loader provides high-speed loading and unloading capabilities and has track capacity for 110 cars.

What Really Propelled the Extreme Price Profitability in the Markets This Week?

Volatility was the headline in the commodity markets this week. From fears Russia was invading Poland to then news the U.N. Grain Deal would be extended,  the commodity markets saw extremes.

Combine Cleaning: How A 30-Min. Air Bath Pays Big Dividends 

Here's how and why you need to clean your combine after harvest and before you park it for the winter.

With Midterm Elections Nearly in the Rearview, Leadership Roles Prepare to Change Hands

Pelosi is to step down as leader of the Democratic Party in the House, a position she has held since 2003. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says he will remain in Congress but won’t seek a leadership position.

The Scoop's 40 Under 40 For 2022

This year’s crop of 40 Under 40 awardees all work in their segment of ag retail to help best serve farmers. Sponsored by Nufarm, this program recognizes 40 individuals under the age of 40 as leaders in the industry.

A Divided Government: GOP Retakes the House by Slim Margin

Most now look for President Biden to increase his use of executive orders and regulations to fulfill some other goals, including those in the coming farm bill.

I-80 Harvest Tour: Big Yields in Wisconsin Confirm USDA Projections

In USDA's November crop report the agency put soybean yields in Wisconsin at 54 bushels per acre with record corn yields at 182 bushels per acre. Yield results from the field are backing up that forecast.   

Expert Warns Key Herbicides Will be in Short Supply Again in 2023

From drought to supply chain issues, weed control proved to be a nightmare in some areas this year. One expert expects similar challenges in the new year, especially when it comes to herbicides in short supply.

USDA Announces Phase 2 of ERP Along With New Aid Opportunities

Phase 2 is targeted to those who suffered losses in 2020 and 2021 but may not have received any payments under Phase 1. With Phase 2 underway, USDA said that the signup deadline for Phase 1 ERP will now be Dec. 16.

A Possible Rail Strike is Quickly Approaching Unless Congress Steps In

Harvest is nearing the finish line, but as corn continues to pile up, there are renewed concerns about what a possible rail strike could mean for the grain industry, as well as fertilizer needs this fall.

John Phipps: There's a Wildcard in the Electric Tractor Debate

Rural America, and farmers especially are skeptical to put it mildly about electric vehicles and tractors. John Phipps says this attitude is reasonable, but also myopic, and explains why in John's World.

Diesel Supply Historically Tight: Will the U.S. Run Out?

Supplies of diesel in the United States are some of the tightest in history, down to a 25-day supply.  So, is there a chance of running out?

Ag and Oil Industries Get Methane Makeover to Reach New Emissions Goal by 2030

EPA says the proposals would collectively reduce 36 million tons of methane emissions between 2023 and 2035, which it says is almost the equivalent of GHG emissions emitted from all U.S. coal power plants in 2020.

U.S. Relations with China to "Elevate" Following Biden, Jingping's First Face-to-Face Meeting on Monday

"We need to find the right direction for the bilateral relationship going forward and elevate the relationship," Xi said, while Biden stressed that the two countries can compete without it turning into a conflict.

Does Electrocuting Herbicide-Resistant Weeds Really Work? This Weed Scientist Now Has Proof

Herbicide-resistant weeds are a growing problem for farmers across the country, and as weed scientists search for a solution, Mizzou is testing out a weed zapper which electrocutes weeds.

Shay Foulk: The Importance of Community in Rural America

We are more than the hours we work and the services we provide. We are people, friends, family, and community. You are important, you are loved, and you are worthy of conversation, caring, and love.