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Technical Training: AGCO Supports Associate Degree Program at Parkland College

The $5 million donation from AGCO will construct a new 25,000 sq.-ft. state-of-the-art training center, which will house a new AGCO Agriculture Service Technician Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program.

Is There Movement On The Right To Repair?

Under the MOU, both parties have the right to walk away from the agreement if any state or federal right-to-repair legislation is enacted.

The Results Are In: These Are the Top Two Tillage Types

With more than 1,500 responses, we have a clear winner for the two most common tillage types.

What Ag Equipment Parts Are In the Shortest Supply Right Now?

The National Farm Machinery Show revealed one major theme: the supply chain is still posing major problems for ag equipment manufacturers, an issue that's improving, but could still last the remainder of this year.

Is Your Local Fire Department in Need of a Grain Bin Rescue Tube and Training? Nationwide Wants to Help

In 2014, Nationwide launched Grain Bin Safety Week to not only get the essential rescue tools in the hands of first responders, but also the essential training. Nominations are now open for local departments.

What's The Biggest Supply Chain Headache Crippling Equipment Manufacturers Right Now?

Supply chain challenges consistently hit ag in 2022.  While 2023 shows improvement with fertilizer availability, National Farm Machinery Show revealed the ag equipment sector is still fragile to supply problems.

AGI’s Next Generation of Augers

Adding to its lineup of high quality, portable swing hopper augers, Ag Growth International Inc. (AGI) has added Westfield MKX 2 and Hutchinson-Mayrath HX2 series.

Trimble GFX-750 Display and NAV-900
Exclusive: Trimble's Precision Ag Products Now Available From Independent Dealer Partners For All Makes and Models

Trimble, a company known for its precision agriculture hardware and cloud-based applications, is updating its aftermarket distribution strategy, making it easy for farmers to access and adopt precision ag solutions.

Case IH Celebrates 100 Years of the Farmall Tractor

In honor of a century of milestones, such as the world’s first diesel row crop tractor and the first tractor to ever reach 5 million sold, Case IH will give away a new Farmall tractor in 2023.

FBN and Greeneye Partner to Sell Selective Spray Machines

Nadav Bocher, Co-founder and CEO of Greeneye Technology, says he plans on FBN being the primary go-to-market channel for machines in just a few years. 

John Deere and Nutrien Ag Solutions Deepen Tech Integrations

This is a multi-year agreement jointly announced by both companies to improve agronomic outcomes. 

Is Deere Pushing Electric Tractors? An Exclusive Interview With John Deere's CTO

Farm Journal had an exclusive interview with John Deere's CTO to set the record straight about the company's stance on electric equipment, as well as explore Deere's vision for the future of ag tech.

The Tech World Had The Chance To Meet Real Farmers At CES, And The Reaction Was Surprisingly Good

CES has traditionally been a show geared to consumers is one agriculture is playing a bigger role, the interest in agriculture’s story became a resounding theme, as John Deere connected consumer to farmers.

How John Deere Turned Steel into Gold and Won Farming’s Plow Wars

When John Deere carted home a broken bandsaw blade and forged a moldboard plow, agriculture and America changed forever. Farm steel changed history.

Can You Now Repair Your Own John Deere Equipment?

The “right to repair” issue has been an ongoing hot topic, and now, a MOU between Deere & Co and AFBF means farmers will be able to repair their own equipment or use an independent technician.

What Is John Deere’s New ExactShot Planter Technology, And How Does It Work?

John Deere's ExactShot, unveiled during CES, uses sensors and robotics to place starter fertilizer precisely onto seeds as they are planted. The company claims the technology comes with a fertilizer savings of up to 60%.

Lindsay Corporation Announces Partnership with Ceres Imaging

High-resolution imagery will be incorporated into Lindsay's FieldNET irrigation management tool offers increased visibility of crop and field conditions

Ultimate Gift: FFA Members Restore Their Adviser's Family's Farmall As A Surprise Retirement Gift

When Badger FFA Adviser Larry Plapp decided to retire after 37 years of teaching, his students got to work restoring a Farmall tractor, but it wasn't just any tractor. The 1954 Super M-TA was Plapp's dad first tractor.

Tougher EPA Emission Rules for Trucks

EPA as expected on Tuesday released final tailpipe emission rules for trucks, which some health and environmental groups say don’t go far enough to be adequately protective.

Did You Know? 5 Rounds of Tire Trivia

Many people ignore tires as long as they aren’t flat. Here are some facts to help tires stay round.

CNH Industrial Fuses Iron and Technology

The company put the spotlight on a batch of products it’s introducing and working toward introduction of. 

AGCO Names 2022 Operator of The Year

Patrick Hoefling of Nutrien Ag Solutions and Odebolt, IA was named the 2022 recipient. 

CNH Industrial Puts Spotlight On Four Industry-Firsts in Autonomy, Alternative Fuels and Electrification

What’s the future of ag machinery look like? Well, CNH Industrial pulled back on the curtain on its vision for the future.

Combine Cleaning: How A 30-Min. Air Bath Pays Big Dividends 

Here's how and why you need to clean your combine after harvest and before you park it for the winter.

John Phipps: There's a Wildcard in the Electric Tractor Debate

Rural America, and farmers especially are skeptical to put it mildly about electric vehicles and tractors. John Phipps says this attitude is reasonable, but also myopic, and explains why in John's World.

New from John Deere: Strip-Till Series and Tillage Technology

Five ST series strip-till models are available in a variety of shanks, coulters and row spacings and TruSet Active offers enhanced depth control for tillage

AgLaunch365 is a farm-centric program that will assists in field trials and attracting investments for ag startups.
AgLaunch and Farm Journal Announce 8 Startups In 2022 Row Crop Challenge

AgLaunch is hosting 8 row crop agtech start-ups for the 2022 AgLaunch365 Row Crop Challenge. Up to five teams will be selected for the AgLaunch365 Accelerator and on-farm trials with AgLaunch Farmer Network members.

Manless Machines Make Moves

"The early autonomy customers are helping us define the future and they are a key part of setting the direction for the product,” says Ben Voss, director of sales at Raven.

Special Delivery: Trends in Spray Technology

Sprayers are being outfitted with new products and configured in new ways to make applications quicker, cheaper and more precise.

Trimble Acquires Spot Spray Tech: France-based Bilberry

The Bilberry technology has been developed as a retrofit system for sprayers to provide both green-on-green and green-on-brown applications.

What's That Clanging in My Combine? Diagnosing Not-So-Funny Noises

You're running your combine and hear the following sounds. Can you diagnose the cause?

Machinery Pete: Demand Tops Supply in Sprayers

I’ve seen the same trend for the past 10 months with used mid- to high-horsepower tractors, combines and planters. Now, the trend is in self-propelled sprayers.

3 Supply Chain Trends to Look Out for in 2023, According To AEM

“Friend shoring means that, rather than just bringing everything [manufacturing] back to the U.S., which is feasible, let’s make sure our supply chains are with countries that are friendly to us,” Heidelberg says.

Machines Made To Make Hay: Case IH’s Latest Product Introduction

Though this year’s haying season may be coming to a close, excitement at Case IH has already begun for next season with the launch of upgrades and additions to the hay equipment lineup.

Case IH Trident 5550 Applies Raven Autonomy for Driverless Spreading

The technology and machine marriage mean one or more driverless machines can operate in the field without an operator present in the cab.

Clogged Combines: The Damage Weeds Can Do to Machinery

Whether you call it slugged, plugged or wadded-up, a combine jammed with weeds or damp crop is enough to make a preacher cuss. Here are tips to minimize your frustration and downtime.

New Tire Brand Launched in The U.S.

OZKA Tire’s agricultural tire range includes: implement, tractor, flotation, irrigation and industrial.

Luke Bryan and Fendt Aim to Launch Poppin' New Hit

Celebrating farmers and the ag industry, Luke Bryan and Fendt collaborate to produce a new “hit” outside of the music and tractor and equipment industries.

Rural Economy Shifts into Low Gear, Farm Equipment Sales Plummet to 2-Year Low

Trouble started brewing for the rural economy earlier this summer. Now it’s been confirmed for five straight months.

Sabanto Gets Investment Boost From Trimble

Sabanto marks the fund’s second investment, the first being an investment in Monarch Tractors last November.

Look Back At 10 Years of The Story Behind Precision Planting

Starting in 1993, Precision Planting was led by founder Gregg Sauder. In 2012, the company went through a series of acquisitions (and one potential acquisition). With the launch of Radicle Agronomy, here's a look back.

Texas Grower Puts John Deere’s See and Spray Technology to the Test

Three dozen cameras evenly spaced across a 120’ boom use artificial intelligence to target and spray weeds, cutting herbicide use by up to 80% and improving weed control

Acquisition Beefs Up Sprayer Potential With Lightweight Aluminum Booms

In mid-July, CNH Industrial announced its acquisition of Specialty Enterprises, the provider of Case IH’s aluminum spray booms since 2020. 

Kubota to Offer Additional $100,000 to a Community in Need

Cast your vote in Kubota's Hometown Proud Grant Program to help a community win $100,000, and be entered for your chance to win a sub-compact tractor or zero turn mower.

Couple Takes Off On Trip From Nebraska To Alaska In A 1977 IH Tractor To Raise Money For Kids

Dick and Carolee Ourada are driving a 1977 IH 574 from Nebraska to Alaska to raise money for Colorado Children's Hospital. The couple explains why the "Tractor Trip for Kids" is driven by passion and purpose.

7 Tips to Rebuild Your Spray Pump

It’s not difficult to rebuild centrifugal spray pumps like the Hypro pumps used on many farms. But there are things that ease the process.

Titan Machinery To Acquire Heartland Ag Systems

According to Titan Machinery, the final deal is for an aggregate total of $110 million.

The Cost of Love: How to Avoid The Missing Ring Finger

How many of you know someone who has a mangled or missing ring-finger because his wedding band snagged on a piece of equipment?

John Deere Gives Gators Hands-Free Steering with AutoTrac

AutoTrac equipped Gator utility vehicles can be used for grid sampling, spraying and field boundary creation

Setback for Autonomous Tractors? California Board Denies Monarch Tractor’s Plan for Expansion

Monarch Tractor says it has the first fully electric, driver-optional, smart tractor, but the leading edge company has bumped against state regulations limiting its expansion.