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Big Oil is Teaming Up With Big Ag, And it Could Turn Cover Crops Into the New Cash Crop for Farmers

Renewable diesel is revving up interest from both agriculture and the oil industry, and now oil and agriculture companies are teaming up to find additional crop sources to fuel the growing demand.

The Carbon Games: Agricultural Producers Still Looking for the Leaderboard

“What we need to do to move carbon past the starting line is to show farmers the scoreboard and tell them exactly what they need to do to earn their points,” said Mitchell Hora.  

Soil Sleuth: No-Till Icon Investigates Tillage’s Impact On Nutrient Stratification

Marion Calmer says nutrient stratification in soil is a significant problem on his western Illinois farm — and it’s only getting worse.

Use Technology to Build the Perfect Furrow

Your technology investment will maximize corn yield on every soil type.

Hung Up on ESG And Your Value Proposition: You Don't Have To Be A Leader, Be A Fast Follower

It’s a big idea with far-reaching implications for ag retail—the environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework.

The Fertilizer Institute Names 2023 4R Advocates

Now in its 12th year, the 4R Advocate program demonstrates the in-field successes of implementing 4R practices based on the right source, rate, time, and placement of fertilizer.

3 Steps to Get Your Soil Back on Track

If your soil is sick, there are ways to nurse it back to health. How long it takes depends on how unhealthy your soil has become. It’s worth the effort because healthier soil means more water for crops.

Carbon By Indigo Pays $3.7 Million In Second Tranche of Payments

Indigo says its program doubled in acres in 2022. 

Research Demonstrates Cover Crops as Carbon Negative

Cover crops sequestered nearly three times as much greenhouse gas as the check fields. And acres with cover crops were carbon negative

Sub-Acre Profit Equation: Ensure Each Acre Earns Its Keep

Make sure each acre earns its spot on your farm roster.

Ken Ferrie: Using Urea for N or Going Corn-on-Corn in 2023? Read this First

Urea can be used to replace part of your spring N needs, but there are risks to be aware of and evaluate before you decide to go with it. The same is true for a mono-crop, especially if you choose continuous corn.

Flip Your Soil: Farmers in Dry Climates use Holistic Approach to Soil Health Including Cover Crops

Farmers in dry climates are taking a holistic approach to flipping their soil to make it healthier and that includes cover crops.

Iowa Farmer Goes Bushels Up and Fertilizer Down with Biologicals

Matt Brincks’ average yields have climbed 30 bushels in corn and 12 bushels in soybeans, while his nitrogen fertilizer use has dipped by half, along with a two-thirds drop in phosphorus and potassium.

The Correlation (Or Lack Of) Between Soil Health And Fungicide Use

Ken Ferrie says fields with good soil health can have as much disease present as an unhealthy field, but healthy plants handle stress better than unhealthy ones.

New from John Deere: Strip-Till Series and Tillage Technology

Five ST series strip-till models are available in a variety of shanks, coulters and row spacings and TruSet Active offers enhanced depth control for tillage

New Report: The Economic, Psychosocial and Data-Management Barriers Inhibiting Farmer Participation in Carbon Markets

Three key findings from the report include: Farmers are aware of carbon markets but not ready to engage; Producers want credit for existing practices; Data capture, management and validation is fragmented.

Set the Stage for Soil Health with These Best Practices

If you are adding a new farm for next season, take a hard look at soil health. Missy Bauer, Farm Journal Field Agronomist, says start with the canvas rather than the paint.

One Nebraska Farmer Says Improving Soil Health Helped Keep Her on the Land

In a moisture deficit area like southwest Nebraska conservation and regenerative practices have long been a staple for farmers.  That's important especially in drought years like 2022. 

Flip Your Soil: Planting Soybeans Into a Cover Crop Like Rye

For farmers trying to Flip their Soil and improve soil health one simple thing they can do this fall is plant cereal rye as a cover crop and plant soybeans into that stand. 

Flip Your Soil: How Do Farmers Get Started Implementing Soil Health Practices on Their Farms?

Mitchell Hora, agronomist and CEO of Continuum Ag, advises farmers to implement soil health practices within the context of each field, which includes working with local experts and doing research.

A cotton boll from Red Land Cotton.
Walmart Foundation Gives $2 Million Toward Regenerative Cotton

The USRCF started in 2021 working with farmers in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia and Mississippi. It has farmer-to-farmer education markets bringing together more than 100 cotton farmers.

9 Tips for Improving Soil Health on Your Farm

Learn how to create a groundwork for high yields and profitability.

Widening the Funnel: Land O’Lakes Evolves Approach And, Removes Some Risk For Regenerative Practices

Land O’Lakes is aiming to straighten the path for more farmers to adopt more regenerative practices across their acres, and in doing so building a wider funnel of farmers who could enroll in carbon markets.

The Perfect Storm: Now’s the Time to Safeguard Your Soil

A dust storm rippled through the Midwest late last week, followed by rain in some parts and continued heat in others. This weather event highlights soil safeguarding needs, according to Conservation Agronomist Roberts.

WOTUS Roundtable Reveals Potential Runoff Management Flaws in the Midwest

“This flawed system isn’t due to rains or weather. Unless we have remedial practices and advocate for cover crops, buffer strips and diversity, we can’t solve the problem," says Former USDA Soil Scientist Thicke.

You Can’t Product Your Way Into Good Soil Health

Adam Jones, a conservation agronomist at MFA Inc., came on The Scoop podcast to share how he helps farmers implement an entire system of soil health, conservation, and yield success on their farms.

Truterra Adds Agronomic Network to Spur Interest and Adoption of Soil Health Practices

In April, Truterra announced a springboard for its focus in soil health. A network of agronomists will facilitate implementation of agronomic practices alongside its retail agronomists and their farmer customers.

Invasive Jumping Worm Thrashes Into 14 Midwest States

The invasive, jumping worm makes its way through 14 states in the Midwest, disturbing native soil and plant species and causing an infestation with only one worm.

Will Industrial Hemp Unlock the Answers to Restoring Soil Health?

When we think of carbon credits, we often think of renewable energy markets like wind, solar and electric vehicles. Hemp is proven to absorb more CO2 per acre than any forest or commercial crop.

Win the Furrow: Manage the Top Foot

As harvest wraps up preparations for next season, and the drive to Win the Furrow, are already underway. Fall strip-till is happening and getting it done right is important for stand counts and yields next season.

Do Input Shortages Open the Gate for Biological Products?

As you evaluate input options for next spring, here are five steps to size up whether a biological might be a good fit for your farm.

Soil Erosion Trends in the U.S.

A USDA-National Resources Inventory report shows soil erosion rates on cropland decreased 35% from 1982 to 2017. Even so, some members of the agricultural community say rates are unsustainable for crop production.

Leasing new Ground? Great, but Beware of Bad Fertility

Don't get caught leasing ground with poor soil pH and too-low nutrient levels.

Strip Tillage Promotes Soil Health

A good strip starts with the combine.

Meet The Soil Whisperer Still Uncovering Secrets Of The Soil at World's Third Oldest Continuous Research Farm

Sanborn Field is rooted in deep history. Started in 1888, it’s a historic landmark that’s far from a history museum as the research continues to reveal the keys to improving soil health.

Row Crop Recipe: Practices to Help Agriculture Reduce Nitrogen Loss, Cut Carbon Footprint

The right timing of nitrogen aplications are important, but K-State's Chuck Rice is digging deeper to learn how to reduce nitrogen losses by 50%, an impact that's both economically and environmentally sound.

Profiting from Carbon and Soil Health

The path to soil health profit has opened wider than ever before, expanded by the carrot of carbon, and aggressive growers may have means to benefit from multiple markets.

How Soil Health Changes The Conversation

“There’s real science around soil health, and this is a way retailers can have meaningful impact without directly selling anything,” says Dr. Jennifer Wells, Senior Agronomist and Account Manager at Truterra.

Soil-As-A-Service Startup Aims to Reboot Land’s Natural Potential

“Our goal is to be the center of gravity for soil health. This is the beginning of a mega trend of a shift to regenerative ag and a focus on soil health,” says Peter Williams, MyLand CEO.

10 Ways to Prioritize Water Quality

Farmers commonly focus their attention on conservation planning by thinking through issues that deal with nutrient management or soil health. Water quality considerations dovetail with many of these planning activities.

Improvements in Soil Erosion, GHG Reductions and Water Use Efficiency, Detailed by NCGA Farmer-Leaders

The organization unveiled a new report on Tuesday, showcasing corn growers' sustainability accomplishments and goals.

Guest Commentary
My Road to Using Cover Crops

Brian Doerr recently introduced regenerative agriculture practices, including cover crops, on his family's Nebraska farm. He details his decision-making and implementation steps here.

New Carbon Market Initiative Announced by Corteva

The program will be introduced initially to row-crop farmers in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

Win the Furrow: Cover Crops Require Different Management

As cover crops make their way on to more acres, dealing with that new planting environment brings its own challenges.

Margy Eckelkamp
This Will Be A Big Year For Carbon

The factors are converging to make this coming year a springboard for how agriculture is involved in carbon sequestration and climate policies.

Clarity On Carbon’s Potential: Compare Nine of the Leading Markets

How to navigate carbon’s promise and unknowns.

Truterra Launches Carbon Program, First Payments In Summer 2021

This summer, farmers will start receiving the first tranche of payments via TruCarbon, the new carbon program launched by Truterra, LLC.

Peoples Company And CIBO Partner To Generate Carbon Credits For Regenerative Practices

The partners will be able to offer carbon credits on more than 20,000 acres of land.

2021 Trust In Food Symposium To Address Carbon, Animal Ag, Resilient Working Lands

Registration is open for the upcoming symposium, scheduled for Feb. 23-25.

Ken Ferrie
Ferrie’s Guidance on Entering Rent Leases with Fertility Clauses

When farmland draws a premium, you’d expect the soil to be in good shape, right? More landowners are considering fertility clauses in their farm leases to ensure tenants don’t suck the soil dry.