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Valent USA Enters Corn Industry With Three Modes of Action Herbicide

The company, known for its extensive work in soybeans, formally moves into the corn marketplace with its introduction of Maverick herbicide, now available for use this season.

First-Ever Solid-Encapsulated Herbicide For Pre and Post Weed Control in Corn

BASF plans to launch Surtain herbicide for 2024 farmer use, pending EPA approval. It features two active ingredients that tackle up to 79 tough broadleaves and grasses, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and ragweed.

3 Machines Helping to Win the Weed Fight

Herbicide-resistant weeds are a growing problem for farmers across the country. Luckily some new technologies are on the horizon to help battle the bullies of the plant world. 

$100 an Acre Herbicide Costs Won't be Unusual Next Season

On the low end, expect to invest at least $50 an acre in the Midwest and $85 in the South for products. Some corn and soybean farmers are evaluating adjuvants and management practices that could help trim expenses.

2023 Looks Like a Tough Year to Control Weeds

Dry conditions and limited herbicide supplies crippled many farmers' weed-control efforts this year, setting up a perfect storm for weeds and grasses next season. Here are five ways to take charge of the situation.

Does Electrocuting Herbicide-Resistant Weeds Really Work? This Weed Scientist Now Has Proof

Herbicide-resistant weeds are a growing problem for farmers across the country, and as weed scientists search for a solution, Mizzou is testing out a weed zapper which electrocutes weeds.

New Weed Species Confirmed in Iowa Fields a Second Time

Asian copperleaf was found in an Iowa soybean field this summer. Agronomists are evaluating how much of a concern the weed poses to row crops there. It has been confirmed in only one other U.S. location: New York City.

Volunteer Corn in Soybeans Harbors Secret Pest Problem

This was a familiar scene in fields across the Midwest this season. Not only did volunteer corn impact soybean yields, agronomists say it sheltered rootworm eggs that can overwinter and infest corn crops next spring.

400 Farmers Shared Their Weed Nemesis, Does Yours Match?

The results are in. Around 400 farmers answered the AgWeb poll of: What Is Your Top Weed Nemesis on Your Farm?

Countdown to Atrazine Decision by EPA Underway

The 60-plus year-old product is used on more than 70% of U.S. corn acres to control grass and broadleaf weeds.

From the Combine Seat: Weed Prevention Starts in the Fall

Use the fall season to get a head start on weed control for next spring.

Combat The Bullies of the Plant World (Weeds) With This Checklist

As the bullies of the plant world, weeds cost you time, money and energy. You need a comprehensive weed management plan that includes all the tools at your disposal.

Weed Choppers Back on Farm to Fight Seedbank War

In 2020, Pat Duncanson began a three-year march toward organic certification on 100 acres of corn and soybean ground. After a weed honeymoon, weeds rebounded in 2021, and Duncanson brought in a chopping crew.

Corteva, BASF Partner to Deliver New Weed-Control Solution to Soybean Growers

Corteva Agriscience and BASF Agricultural Solutions are partnering to bring the first four-way herbicide-tolerant trait stack, based on PPO chemistry, to the marketplace for soybean growers.

Clogged Combines: The Damage Weeds Can Do to Machinery

Whether you call it slugged, plugged or wadded-up, a combine jammed with weeds or damp crop is enough to make a preacher cuss. Here are tips to minimize your frustration and downtime.

Chaff Lining Shows Major Resistant Weed Control Promise in Iowa Field Trials

The bare-bones simplicity of chaff lining may offer farmers with resistant weed control for pennies on the dollar. Chaff lining is showing major promise in ongoing Iowa field trials.

New Mode of Action Herbicide Under Development 

Bayer Crop Science has the first truly new MOA in the herbicide-tolerant pipeline for soybeans in more than 30 years, the company reports.

Texas Grower Puts John Deere’s See and Spray Technology to the Test

Three dozen cameras evenly spaced across a 120’ boom use artificial intelligence to target and spray weeds, cutting herbicide use by up to 80% and improving weed control

Ferrie: Year of the Waterhemp is Underway

Non-GMO soybeans at R2 to R3 are seeing weed flushes. You will 'burn' the beans to get rid of waterhemp, but that's a better option than leaving the weed to flourish, go to seed and fill the seed bank for next spring.

Farmer DIY: Weed-Specific Robotic Sprayers at Agriculture’s Door

Farmer DIY: Low-cost, weed-specific automated sprayers built on-farm are on the near-horizon for agriculture.

This Technology Makes Any Sprayer Smarter

Reducing herbicide usage by 97% in pre-emergence and 88% in post-emergence spraying, Greeneye Technology might be the ‘next-big-thing’ in sprayer technology.

Jury Decision marks Fourth Consecutive Win in Court for Bayer and Roundup

An Oregon case marks the latest in a long line of lawsuits the company has had to contend with in the past few years. Most of the 138,000 cases have come out of the U.S. residential lawn and garden marketplace.

Court Orders EPA to Reassess Glyphosate Impact on Human Health, Environment

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in its ruling the agency did not adequately evaluate the herbicide's potential impact when it reauthorized its use in January 2020.

Weather Delays Planting In Some Areas, But Weeds Are On Time

Wet fields have slowed farmers’ planting progress to a snail’s pace in some areas, but that’s had little effect on broadleaf weeds and grasses. Many are growing rapidly in parts of the Midwest.

Giant Salvinia’s Hidden Uses Unlocked by LSU Students

It is far too common to see waterways in Louisiana clogged by giant salvinia, an invasive aquatic plant native to South America. Now, Louisiana is looking at an alternative use for the noxious plant — paper.

7 Tips to Manage Herbicide Supplies

Post-emergent herbicide supplies can be hard to find this year. To overcome this challenge, make a plan and consider a new approach to weed management.

From Sawdust to Herbicide Drift Solution

An adjuvant based on wood waste reduces herbicide drift.

Are You Spraying The Right Weeds? Apps Can Help

In order to get ahead of weeds, you need to know what weeds you’re up against. There are several weed identifying apps available, but how accurate are they? Researchers at MSU have the answers.

Joint Venture Brings ‘Smart Spraying Solution’ To Farmers

BASF and Bosch are developing new technology for weed management. Their system photographs weeds, signals nozzles to spray and records the data in milliseconds. Farmers then get a map printout for easy reference.

Planting Early Season Soybeans? Control These Early Weeds

Gear your control efforts toward weeds that emerge when air temperatures are between 40 and 70 degrees °F. These include ragweed species, common lambsquarters, burcucumber, kochia, common sunflower and marestail.

Higher Load Metribuzin Herbicide Introduced for Soybean Weed Control

Preview 2.1 SC herbicide from UPL targets tough broadleaf weeds and will be available for use on about half a million soybean acres this season.

16 Ways to Boost Results from Glyphosate

It's in low supply, and the price is high -- if you can even get it. This checklist can help you get the best weed control outcomes from whatever supply of glyphosate you were able to secure for this season.

To maximize your chances for a successful cover crop, use row-crop herbicides, including late-season rescue treatments, with short residual time in the soil.  Consider the impact of soil type and weather on herbicide degradation as well.
‘Tankmix in a Jug’ Herbicides Capture 37% of Marketplace

Combination herbicides usually include between two and four active ingredients and have become the industry norm, as companies work to help farmers stamp out tough weeds and grasses.

Bayer Signs on to Distribute Enlist E3 Technology, Works toward Launch of HT4 Soybeans

The new agreement means farmers will have "more choices and additional tools" for integrated weed management. In the process, Bayer remains committed to marketing its current crop systems and developing new technologies.

Herbicide Options Dwindle for Weed Control in Soybeans

Many products are hard or nearly impossible to get. If you have any glyphosate, consider how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. It may not be with a burndown treatment.

8 Ways To Ready Your Weed-Control Practices

Here are a few considerations for your 2022 weed controls strategy.  

Bayer Declares Force Majeure, Says Production of Glyphosate May be Curtailed

Pesticide and seed producer Bayer said on Monday a supplier of an ingredient for its widely used herbicide glyphosate has run into technical problems which may hamper Bayer's output of the product in the short term.

Hit the Weed Window or Pay a Price

Far from formulaic, every grower’s approach to preplanting chemical application is contingent on specific circumstances, but a common thread remains: Hit the window or pay a price.

Waterhemp in soybeans
3 Steps to Powerful Weed-Control Results

A systems approach to weed control can help you prevent weeds and pocket more dollars this season.

VIDEO: Agriculture Invention Harnesses LED Light Inside Combine to Kill Weed Seed

Could LED light be used to kill weed seed inside a combine during harvest? The technology has already arrived, according to an inventor raised in the corn and soybean rows of Ohio farmland.

Precision Planting Makes a Move Into the Sprayer Market

From boom priming and a nozzle control system to multiple camera functions, the six new sprayer products will be further field-tested this year.

How a Secret Seed Society at Michigan State Continues to Uncover Weed Seed Answers 142 Years Old

For 142 years, a secret seed society at Michigan State University has uncovered one of the world’s oldest science experiments, answering how long weed seeds remain viable. Today, one weed species continues to sprout.

Weed Control In A New World Order

Consider these strategies if your former plan isn’t an option.

First Dicamba-Resistant Waterhemp Confirmed in Illinois Farmer's Field

This population of waterhemp is currently resistant to six herbicide groups and is now “activating detoxification genes before the herbicides can do harm," says one researcher.

The Double Whammy Of Weeds And Stressful Weather

Earning a 93% on a test will earn you an “A” in class, but it’s not near good enough for weed control in your fields, especially if your corn is under stress. 

Weed Wars: Laser Beam Technology May Fundamentally Change Farming

A laser beam could be the future of farming. Does an unmanned Autonomous LaserWeeder represent a transformative moment of change for agriculture?

A Creative Approach To Weed Management

For Zach Bailey of Bailey Family Farms in Xenia, Ill., weed management success has chemical, mechanical and out-of-the-box tools. 

Bayer's Glyphosate Plant Back Online After Idled by Ida for Weeks, Widespread Glyphosate and Glufosinate Shortages Persist

Bayer's Louisiana glyphosate plant is back online, but the glyphosate shortage is industry wide as one Extension weed scientist says growers need to make multiple crop chemistry plans for the next two years.

Battle of the Weeds: Why Even Letting 6% of Late Season Weeds Escape Eats into Corn Yields

By digging through the thousands of data sets, a team at the University of Illinois and ARS uncovered it's not just climate making weed control hard, but late season weed pressure has a devastating impact on corn yield.

Belchim USA: Growers Get TOUGH® on Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

The weed spectrum has evolved beyond what it was in the early 90s and 2000s. Today, growers require a truly integrated weed management program that includes multiple modes of action.

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