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Tyson Foods Plant Closure Raises Antitrust Concerns Among U.S. Farmers and Experts

Tyson Foods gave its chicken suppliers two months' notice of its plan to shut a Virginia processing plant in May, raising concerns among farmers and legal experts about Tyson's compliance with antitrust regulations.

Southern States: Rebuilding for The Next 100 Years

This year marks the cooperative’s 100th year in business. And as Steve Becraft describes, there’s more to celebrate than the centennial milestone.

The Carbon Games: Agricultural Producers Still Looking for the Leaderboard

“What we need to do to move carbon past the starting line is to show farmers the scoreboard and tell them exactly what they need to do to earn their points,” said Mitchell Hora.  

Farming The Northern Plains: Wheat Is A Winner, Corn Is A Headache

“The planting priorities are number one,” says Dr. Lee Briese of Central Ag Consulting. Jamestown, ND

Nebraska Farmland Values Jump 14% in 2023 — Up 30% in Two Years

This year marks the second-largest increase in the market value of agricultural land in Nebraska since 2014 and the highest non-inflation-adjusted statewide land value in the 45-year history of the survey. 

U.S. Milk Production and Cow Numbers Both Rise

The February 2023 USDA Milk Production report showed an 0.8% increase in year-over-year milk production with a total of 17.7 billion lbs. of milk. Also following suit, U.S. cow numbers also documented growth.

Can the $20-Billion Inflation Reduction Act Get Rolled Out Quickly Enough?

Industry experts say the new legislative package represents a 'generational opportunity' for conservation funding and needs to reach U.S. farmers and livestock producers sooner rather than later, starting this spring.

WOTUS Rule Frozen in Two States, But Unimpaired in 48

A federal judge in Texas put WOTUS on hold in two states over the weekend but denied a concentrated effort by industry groups to stop the rule nationwide.

The Ag Analyst’s Briefing: Week of March 20

On March 22, there will be the next Federal Interest Rate Decision; 75% probability of a quarter percentage point increase to a range of 4.75% to 5.00%

From Fresh Berries to Lettuce, What We Now Know About the Agricultural Losses Caused by Flooding in California

California farmers are facing another round of flooding, with fields still bearing scars from January’s floods. An area known for production of fresh berries and lettuce is expected to now have a larger losses.

Albaugh Acquires Corteva’s Glyphosate Business

Albaugh previously acquired Corteva's glyphosate business in Europe. With this latest acquisition, the company will expand its coverage of straight glyphosate DMA salt formulations and registrations globally.

The Andersons Expands Lordstown, Ohio Dry Fertilizer Distribution Terminal

The expansion project is expected to be completed by fall of 2023. Once complete, The Andersons will be better equipped to meet the needs of customers throughout the region.

Corteva's New Collaboration with Chevron and Bunge Could Turn Canola into a Cash Crop for Farmers

A new partnership between Corteva, Bunge and Chevron to create proprietary canola hybrids will boost vegetable oil supplies to fuel the renewable diesel market while also creating a new revenue stream for farmers. 

Working In DC Is Less Like The West Wing, More Like Veep

There’s drama and comedy in politics says ARA’s Hunter Carpenter. 

Decision Is In: STB Approves Acquisition of Kansas City Southern Railway Company by Canadian Pacific Railway Limited

STB Chairman Martin Oberman hosted a press conference—the first of its kind that he said anyone could remember—to explain more behind the decision, which approves the first major merger in 25 years. 

Allendale Survey Shows Increase in Corn and Soybean Acres for 2023 but Also Some Surprises

​​​​​​​USDA will release its estimates on farmers planting intensions at the end of March. Ahead of that, commodity firm Allendale has released its own acreage projections. 

Radical Changes Coming in USDA: FSA Administrator Talks About Marching Orders from Equity Commission Report

USDA's Equity Commission recently recommended sweeping changes across the entire government agency. What can farmers expect to see?

Why Are Some Ag Retailers Sitting on High Fertilizer Prices? Making Sense of the Disparity Right Now

Fertilizer and herbicide prices continue to fall, and there are signs the decline will continue. Now the issue is the number of ag retailers sitting on high-priced inputs, which are often passed on to farmers.

What To Know About Carbon Insets Versus Offsets

Most carbon programs available to farmers have required a change in practice, which left many long-term users of no-till practices and cover crops on the sidelines. However, 2023 is shaping up as a turning point.

King Corn’s Sleepy Reign?

The writing may be on the wall for a transformation, but a pivot doesn’t have to be a 180° turn.

Artificial Turf Made With Soybeans is Growing in Popularity, Now on Display at the San Diego Zoo

A turf made with soybeans is growing in popularity, and it’s already used in popular locations like the Las Vegas Strip, Central Park and the San Diego Zoo. The turf is made by SYNLawn, in partnership with USB.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Do On the Farm?

Farmers are starting to ask what artificial intelligence bots like ChatGPT can do for them. John Phipps went straight to the source, asking ChatGPT what it can do for farmers.

How Many Farms Are in the U.S.?

Total land in farms decreased 1.9 million acres to 893,400,000 acres in 2022 versus 2021. Here is other noteworthy farmland data, courtesy of USDA’s Farms and Land in Farms 2022 Summary. 

Here’s How NCGA Thinks U.S. Farmers Could Find 1.8 Billion Bushels of New Corn Demand

Finding a new path for ethanol demand could come in the form of higher-octane fuels. NCGA says the Next Generation Fuels Act would address climate goals while also driving up the domestic demand for corn.

Planting Forecast: Will Spring Rains Undo Winter’s Sins?

Winter is not the high precipitation time frame for many portions of farm country, Snodgrass says. One spring storm system can deliver the same amount of soil moisture as all the snowfall during the winter.

Sound Agriculture launches on-demand-bred tomato

The Summer Swell tomato will be distributed through New York City-based produce wholesaler distributor S. Katzman Produce and available at grocery stores in the New York metropolitan area beginning April 2023.

Avoid Technology Sinkholes: Questions Ag Retailers Should Ask

Tyler Bottoms, Commercial Director at AgVision Software, says if he could solve one problem with a magic wand, it would be to reduce the ag retail industry’s technical debt.

Three Exciting Meetings Kick Off The New Year

NAICC is hard at work for its members.

The Impact Of ARA Policy Priorities & Fly-In

The ARA public policy committee convened the day before the Capitol Hill visits to confirm these top priorities for 2023

Digital Enablement: Overcoming Labor Constraints by Enabling the Amazing People You Already Have

Delivering value to customers and differentiating from the competition requires good technology solutions that amplifies your people.

Agmatix partners with NASA Harvest to support the use of sustainable agricultural practices

Satellite imagery alongside ground measurements will be analyzed using the Agmatix platform to inform sustainable on-farm decisions.

Is There Movement On The Right To Repair?

Under the MOU, both parties have the right to walk away from the agreement if any state or federal right-to-repair legislation is enacted.

First-Ever Solid-Encapsulated Herbicide For Pre and Post Weed Control in Corn

BASF plans to launch Surtain herbicide for 2024 farmer use, pending EPA approval. It features two active ingredients that tackle up to 79 tough broadleaves and grasses, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and ragweed.

Texas Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Ag Retailer in Drift Case

ARA was part of an amicus brief in this case and wrote a letter to the Supreme Court of Texas in August 2021 requesting it take on the case.

How Can The Farm Bill Better Reflect Farmers? House Ag Committee Released A Road Map

An early look at the report shows the House Ag Committee could push for improvements to the current safety net within Title I of the farm bill and move away from relying on Congress to approve ad hoc disaster aid.

Push for Permanent Disaster Aid? Sorghum Producers Seek to Secure Stronger Safety Net in the Farm Bill

As farmers in the Plains continue to see losses from drought, groups like NSP are discussing during Commodity Classic either permanent disaster aid or other changes to strengthen the safety net within Farm Bill.

WASDE Bullish Beans, Slightly Negative for Corn, Neutral Wheat

WASDE Report was bullish for soybeans with a cut in U.S. ending stocks and 8 mmt cut in Argentina production, corn ending stocks bearish, raised 75 mb. Wheat balance sheet unchanged.  Jim McCormick of AgMarket.Net.

Soil Sleuth: No-Till Icon Investigates Tillage’s Impact On Nutrient Stratification

Marion Calmer says nutrient stratification in soil is a significant problem on his western Illinois farm — and it’s only getting worse.

Farm Bureau Finds 2022 Weather Disasters Amounted to $21 Billion in Crop Losses

Farm Bureau finds 2022 weather events added up to 18 weather and climate disasters, each with damages exceeding $1 billion. 

ASA CEO: Renewable Diesel Could Drive a New Era for Soybean Demand, But EPA Needs to Rethink the RFS

ASA policy priorities during Commodity Classic focus on everything from the Farm Bill to EPA's recent Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) proposal, while also pushing for increased market access through trade. 

Acreage Battle Heats up in Northwestern Corn Belt: What will the Acreage Mix Look Like?

Farmers in the northwestern corn belt have had normal to above normal moisture this winter which will play into planting intensions, but so will commodity and input prices. So what will the acreage mix look like?

The Ag Analyst’s Briefing: Week of March 6 Watchlist

We’re looking for updates on grain exports and updates on Argentina and Brazil production when the USDA releases its March 2023 report.

Skeptical Farmer Burns Ag’s Playbook, Steers Turnaround On 2,000 Acres

Skeptic, heretic, eccentric, disruptor—Roy Pfaltzgraff pleads guilty to all. “People think I’m crazy. They’re right, I am crazy, but I’m also the owner of a farm that is working great.”

Is the U.S. Becoming Less Competitive in Growing Wheat? A New Warning Sign for the Future of Wheat

BASF announced it’s halting the development of hybrid wheat in North America, a move NAWG fears could ultimately drive wheat acres out of the U.S., unless more public and private investments into R&D are made.

John Phipps: If China Sides With Russia, The Move Could Cost U.S. Farmers Beyond Trade

Russia badly needs to replace expended and outdated Soviet arms while China needs Russian energy. That is compelling math. This is bad news not just for the heroic people of Ukraine, but Europe and the US.

USDA Announces Working Group on Seed Industry Consolidation

Several federal agencies are working together on competition issues in the seed sector as part of a broader Biden administration push to enhance competition in agriculture.

8 Tips for Using Biologicals in #Plant23

Experts agree there’s potential in the jug if used correctly and under the right expectations. Here are eight tips experts say can maximize your ROI of biologicals this growing season.  

Will Bird Flu Become a Recurring Issue Each Year?

Egg prices peaked in December at around $5.43, then decreased 52% to $2.61 per dozen in February thanks to bird flu. Some speculate this could become a trend based on a hypothesis in how the disease is transmitted.

The Results Are In: These Are the Top Two Tillage Types

With more than 1,500 responses, we have a clear winner for the two most common tillage types.

Battle For Ukraine: The Untold Farming, People And Infrastructure Stories From The Front Lines

“When Ukraine fails, in terms of their ability to produce agricultural products, the world becomes less safe,” says Howard Buffett, global philanthropist and Illinois farmer.