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Greg Henderson
U.S. Senate Works Overtime to Protect Sunshine

A foreign leader addressing a joint session of Congress this week was a rarity. Not to be outdone, the partisan and often cantankerous members of the U.S. Senate passed legislation unanimously on a voice vote!

Guest Commentary
Are You Getting Full Use Out Of Your Drone?

Good quality drone video and imagery can help your marketing stand out from competitors. “Drones help us highlight the best of a property, and also highlight the things we need to improve,” says Tim Cobb.

U.S. Farm Report
John Phipps: Making a Meaningful Memorial Day

John Phipps says not including younger generations in a moment to reflect on those who have who gone before and especially who risked much on our behalf, the custom of formal remembrance will slip away.

Guest Commentary
My Road to Using Cover Crops

Brian Doerr recently introduced regenerative agriculture practices, including cover crops, on his family's Nebraska farm. He details his decision-making and implementation steps here.

NAICC’s Foundation Supports the Future of Ag

The resources of the Foundation exist as building blocks for the maintenance and future of professional crop management practitioners.

Alex Clark
In-Person Education With ASFMRA

This July, the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers will hold its annual Education Week once again after being virtual in 2020.

Margy Eckelkamp
A Great Year For Change

Whether it’s how you’re investing in technology or how your company is regearing itself for the farmer of the future, the ag industry is evolving right before our eyes.

Margy Eckelkamp
Farmer-Facing Rebates: Threads In The Sweater

The one common thread—suppliers say they still rely on and appreciate ag retailers as the local trusted adviser. 

Margy Eckelkamp
This Will Be A Big Year For Carbon

The factors are converging to make this coming year a springboard for how agriculture is involved in carbon sequestration and climate policies.

Margy Eckelkamp
Do Your Business Activities Spark Joy?

My bet is we will never fully return to pre-2020 business behaviors.

Hannah Thompson-Weeman
What’s Next for Animal Activism in 2021 and What Can We Do About It?

As much as 2020 has shown us being flexible is just as valuable as having plans, I still believe there is merit to taking a moment to reflect on some of the trends we’ve seen and how they may impact us moving forward.

Alex Clark
ASFMRA: More Than One Way

Over the years, Mark Williams has accumulated a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with “oddball” rural appraisals, and a reputation for it as well.

NAICC: Farming Challenges of 2020 in Northeast North Carolina

Every year is different, but we always adapt and survive says Matt Winslow, NAICC President.

Margy Eckelkamp
It's Billion, As In It Starts with a B

That’s billion with a b as Nutrien reports the company sold more than $1 billion in products via its Digital Hub in the first three quarters of 2020–double their goal for the entire year. 

Guest Commentary
Understand Your Customers To Underpin Your Value To Them

Focus on some of these 3 “watchouts” as you develop or review your value proposition.

Guest Commentary
Opinion: Greenwashing Fails Everyone – Especially The Businesses Doing It

There’s clearly work to be done here. Collaboration, and trust, can absolutely drive the sustainability message forward.

Margy Eckelkamp
Quite The Pivot

Who is living rent-free inside your head? Are you letting alleged “disruptors” be distractions, or are you spending more time writing your own game plan?