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If You Think US Fertilizer Prices are High, Canadian Farmers Are Stuck With Surprising Fertilizer Tax

As Ontario, Canada farmer Julie Maw scouts her wheat fields, it’s the moment of truth for the record number of acres planted across the province this year.

Why Are Some Ag Retailers Sitting on High Fertilizer Prices? Making Sense of the Disparity Right Now

Fertilizer and herbicide prices continue to fall, and there are signs the decline will continue. Now the issue is the number of ag retailers sitting on high-priced inputs, which are often passed on to farmers.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Do On the Farm?

Farmers are starting to ask what artificial intelligence bots like ChatGPT can do for them. John Phipps went straight to the source, asking ChatGPT what it can do for farmers.

Sulfur in Soybeans: Learn How Precise Applications Pay in Yield

Missy Bauer, Farm Journal field agronomist, has found adding a dry ammonium sulfate at V3 or V4 growth stages can make the most significant impact on yields in soils with less organic matter.

Is Russia's Threat to Nix Black Sea Grain Deal a Potential Ploy to Push Wheat Prices Higher?

Russia is now saying it will only extend its Black Sea grain deal if sanctions are lifted on its own agricultural products. The deal, which was brokered last year, allowed for safe passage of Ukrainian ag products. 

Top 10 Charts from the Kickoff of USDA's Ag Outlook Forum

Despite weather trends, planting projections for 2023 find corn, wheat and soybeans similar to 2022, for a combined 228 million acres—a 3% increase from 2022.

Producers Eliminate Fungicide and Insecticide Use, Cut Fertilizer 50%

To combat volatile weather, mitigate rising input costs and meet agronomic goals, producers are making choices geared toward soil health. Here are insights and tips from three of those producers.

Ferrie: Treat Sulfur Like A Macronutrient In Corn To Boost Yields

Fields planted to G and L1 hybrids especially need access to sulfur early season. Even hybrids planted in soils with organic matter levels at 3.5% or more are showing financially positive responses to the nutrient.

The Fertilizer Institute Names 2023 4R Advocates

Now in its 12th year, the 4R Advocate program demonstrates the in-field successes of implementing 4R practices based on the right source, rate, time, and placement of fertilizer.

Ostara Secures US$70 Million In Funding to Scale North American Production of Phosphate Fertilizer

Ostara will use the funding to complete construction of its St. Louis manufacturing facility, which will produce and ship this unique fertilizer to more North American farmers.

Vilsack Lists USDA's 4 Policy Objectives for 2023

Farm Bureau hosted Secretary Vilsack at its annual convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he announced the details of ERP Phase 2 and PARP, U.S.-made fertilizer and new meat and poultry processing facility plans.

Black Sea Shipping Rates Rise as Reinsurers Cut Coverage

Costs for hiring ships to transport commodities from the Black Sea have risen by more than one-fifth since the start of the year, Reuters reported, reflecting higher war risk insurance rates, industry sources said.

What Is John Deere’s New ExactShot Planter Technology, And How Does It Work?

John Deere's ExactShot, unveiled during CES, uses sensors and robotics to place starter fertilizer precisely onto seeds as they are planted. The company claims the technology comes with a fertilizer savings of up to 60%.

Ferrie: You Can Reduce Fertilizer and Still Harvest Big Corn Yields, But Some Parameters Apply

There are ways to pull back on fertilizer effectively -- up to a point. Join Ferrie for the Winter Corn & Soybean College this Thursday, Jan. 5. Get practical answers to your questions during this live event.

Verdesian Launches Liquid Biological For Early Season Growth

Accolade contains Azospirillum brasilense – which the company says is a well-studied, free-living, nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Biological Pair of Products Highlights “Advanced Crop Nutrition”

The products are being introduced for the first time in the Midwest row crop market for 2023.

First Commercially Available Biochar Seed Treatment Launched

AmpliFYR is being launched for spring 2023 use in corn, soybeans, wheat, and other row crops. 

The New Fertilizer Relay: In-Furrow and 2x2 Combo Keeps Corn Happy to Knee-High

For years farmers have focused on banding starter fertilizer 2x2 at planting — 2" over and 2" below the seed. While the process works, delivering nutrition to a plant’s roots sooner might be worth the effort. 

Ken Ferrie: Using Urea for N or Going Corn-on-Corn in 2023? Read this First

Urea can be used to replace part of your spring N needs, but there are risks to be aware of and evaluate before you decide to go with it. The same is true for a mono-crop, especially if you choose continuous corn.

Ferrie: It’s Go-Time for Hybrid Selections and Anhydrous Applications

Farmers are asking, ‘Do I chisel first and then apply anhydrous? Or will I get better results doing the opposite?’ Get Ferrie’s answer and his insights on addressing hybrid weaknesses to harvest more corn in 2023.

Nitrogen Made Different Than Ever Before

As CEO and co-founder Nicolas Pinkowski highlights, Nitricity has the key benefits of producing a less carbon-intensive fertilizer with local production closer to the farm, reducing the logistical demands. 

Mosaic Shares Recovery Details After Hurricane Ian

The company expects the necessary repairs to its facilities will be complete in one to two weeks.

Major Weather Factors Combine to Put Fertilizer Prices and Availability in Question

Low Mississippi River water levels are a concern for moving inputs like fertilizer. The worry comes as Florida, a key fertilizer-producing state, cleans up after Hurricane Ian. What will the fertilizer price impact be?

Entries Open For 2023 4R Advocate Awards

To date, 120 4R Advocates from 24 states, representing nearly one-quarter million acres have been recognized.

The Andersons Launches Power Pass Technology

This is a dual action patent-pending technology designed to increase crop performance while also provides enhanced storability. It’s for use with select low-salt starter fertilizers.

National Science Foundation and Five Universities Partner for Fertilizer Research

With a $26 Million grant from the National Science Foundation, Texas Tech University will led a collaboration with four other universities to research the future of fertilizer.

3 Factors to Watch for Clues to the Future of Fertilizer Prices

Fertilizer is always a big line item for your production costs. For 2023, plan on it being an even bigger chunk. 

USDA Is Now Sending Out $500 Million to Fight High Fertilizer Prices in the U.S.

USDA unveiled additional plans to help boost domestic fertilizer production including $500 million in grants and reduce the risk of a series of black swans that have flown into the fertilizer market the past two years.

Precision, Sustainable Ag And Product Tech Drive InfoAg Conference

More than ever, farmers’ trusted advisers need insights on precision agriculture, sustainability and product technology such as biostimulants, energy-efficient fertilizers and coatings.

Sound Agriculture Launches Source in New Crops with Improved Formulations for the 2023 Season

With 4.3x growth from the 2021 growing season, Source is now being used on more than one million U.S. acres, three years after its initial launch

Nitrogen Prices Now Seeing a Resurgence For Fall, and Natural Gas Isn't the Only Driver

High input prices continue to be a pain point for farmers planning their 2023 crop needs. Experts say the price of natural gas isn’t the only driver fueling the market as farmers look to book their fall needs.

3 Ag Investments in the Latest Biotech Executive Order

An executive order on biotech and biomanufacturing was signed into law by President Biden on Tuesday. The order tasks Secy. Vilsack with reporting how the initiative can best benefit ag, but some funds are spoken for.

Fertilizer Movement Already Being Hit by Looming Rail Strike

Rail shipments are already starting to shut down ahead of a possible strike which could begin as early as this Friday and it couldn't come at a worse time for agriculture. 

Tessenderlo Kerley Breaks Ground of New Liquid Fertilizer Plant

The new 50,000-square-foot production facility will occupy 50 acres and is set to become operational in 2024.

Summit Nutrients Aims to Add Maximum Efficiency to Every Blend

On the heels of acquiring R&D-driven AGVNT, LLC., Summit Nutrients announces its portfolio of six categories of technology aiming to elevate fertilizer to new levels of nutrient use efficiency.

Koch Agronomic Services Reintroduces Agronomy Product: Protivate Nutritional Seed Enhancer

Protivate is formulated with a proprietary blends of nutrients that can be applied directly to the seed for corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, and alfalfa crops.

Yara Implements Further Production Curtailments in Europe

With this, Yara will have curtailed an annual capacity equivalent of 3.1 million tonnes ammonia and 4.0 million tonnes finished products (1.8 million tonnes urea, 1.9 million tonnes nitrates and 0.3 million tonnes NPK.)

New Policy Forces Canadian Producers to Cut Back on Fertilizer

Farmers who don’t comply with the recommendations won’t face any consequences, said the spokeswoman for the ag department. They would, however, forgo financial aid and grants the government made available to farmers.

Dutch Farmers Are Protesting A Government Policy Canada and Ireland are Now Proposing, Is The U.S. Next?

“I feel like every day is one day closer to having the President declare a climate emergency,” says Newlin. “Once that happens, I don’t know what it will mean for ag, or what it’s going to open up the door to."

Fertilizer-Maker Yara Warns of Nitrogen-Based Fertilizer Shortages Due to High Gas Prices

Norwegian fertilizer-maker Yara posted slightly higher than expected second-quarter profits on Tuesday and warned there could be shortages of nitrogen-based fertilizers amid high gas prices.

International Trade Commission: No Duties on Urea Ammonium Nitrate

After a year-long investigation, The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) announced its decision to not issue countervailing and anti-dumping duties on imports of UAN solutions from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago.

U.S. Natural Gas Futures Rise 2% to 4-Week High on Hotter Forecasts

U.S. natural gas futures rose 2% to a four-week high on forecasts for hotter weather and more demand than previously expected. Extreme heat already boosted power demand to record highs in several parts of the country.

Sulfur Safety: Fertilizer Plant Fire Sheds Light on the Importance of Safe Handling Protocols

Gold Eagle Cooperative in Hardy, Iowa suffered a scare on Tuesday afternoon when the bin under its fertilizer building exploded.

Tech Makes Hog Manure Odorless, New Profit Center For Farmers

Even though animal manure has been used as fertilizer as long as there have been animals, Phinite’s robotic drying system makes the product easier to store, transport, and eliminates any odor.

Ostara’s Phosphate Innovation: Crystal Green

Crystal Green, by Ostara, has an analysis of 5-28-0 with 10% magnesium to provide crops access to nutrients that remain plant available all season long.

Nutrien Details Ramp Up In Potash and Nitrogen Supplies

Citing the uncertainty of supply from eastern Europe, Nutrien is accelerating the ramp-up of its annual potash production by more than 5 million tonnes, or 40%, compared to production in 2020.

Fertilizer Prices Finally Cooling Down

After hitting record highs, fertilizer prices are finally cooling down.

Ferrie: That Yellowing and Striping You're Seeing are likely Zinc and Sulfur Deficiencies 

Yes, the problem could also be a nitrogen deficiency or even a phosphate deficiency. Check out the photos provided to identify which deficiency your crop is encountering now and determine next steps.

Right Now: Top of Mind Challenges for Ag Retail Leaders

Brett Bruggeman says their business starts with the customer, and he’s a believer in segmentation as such identifying customers by appetite to growth, transparency with data, and willingness to advocate.

Ferrie: Beware the Carbon Penalty in Cornfields Now

You may need more nitrogen to fuel this year's crop adequately. Also, cutworms are on the move. Ferrie advises dropping your threshold tolerance to 1.5%.