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Expect Thanksgiving Turkey Prices to Skyrocket Thanks to Avian Influenza

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has wreaked havoc on many poultry operations this year. Cases confirmed this week in Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin total nearly 1.5 million infected birds.

Is the Historic Drought in the Western U.S. Now Moving East?

More people are noticing the multi-year drought in the West, but is it spreading? John Phipps combs through the data and maps to answer a viewer's question on U.S. Farm Report.

I-80 Harvest Tour: Illinois Farmers Find Surprising Yield Results on Corn and Soybeans

The harvest is quickly wrapping up in Illinois and it's produced some mixed and surprising yield results for farmers. 

Rail Strike Averted Until Dec. 4, Saving U.S. $2 Billion Per Day

Unions are arguing railroads haven't done enough to address worker concerns, largely surrounding working conditions and paid time off.

Skye Root Named 2022 Professional Farm Manager of the Year

Idaho farm manager is recognized for dedication to farm management profession

Veterans Day: Koch Fertilizer Highlights Employees

As part of this recognition, Koch Fertilizer talked with eight employees who are veterans about their service.

What Is Your Biggest Yield Robber? 3 Farmers Weigh In

At first blush, water, or lack thereof, is the supreme bushel thief in the majority of corn and soybean fields. But, according to several farmers, the answer is not quite so simple.

'Red Wave' of Voters Did Not Happen: Why Were Poll Predictions So Far Off the Mark?

What caused the polls to shift away from the predicted ‘red wave’ many had suggested? It comes down to multiple factors, including abortion, Trump and voter turnout.

Do Consumers and Nutrition Experts Think Alike When it Comes to Healthy Foods?

The average consumer seems to think about nutrition in a way that’s similar to experts, according to the Consumer Food Insights Report.

Bushel Bump: USDA Shows a Slight Increase for Corn, Soybean Yields

Small crops are no longer getting smaller. In its November round of crop reports, USDA increased both the national corn and soybean yield by 0.4 bu.

Foreign Carriers Offered Loophole to Leave U.S. Ports Without Goods, Despite Active Legislation

Congressmen who penned the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 are calling on the Federal Maritime Commission to mend the gap and provide "reasonable opportunities" for U.S. exporters to get their goods to foreign markets.

WinField United Expands Answer Plot Program to Research Farm In North Dakota

The Wilton, North Dakota site consolidates and elevates the opportunities for diversified field crop research which had been previously scattered and in smaller scale.

China Looks to Move Away from Strict COVID-19 Restrictions as Imports, Exports Slow

Chinese leaders are considering steps toward reopening after nearly three years of tough pandemic restrictions. The news comes as China's imports and exports slow on rising risks of a global recession.

2022 Farm Journal Test Plots Early Results

Harvest is wrapping up for the Farm Journal Test Plots. Ken Ferrie shares preliminary observations on soybean planting date, 15" versus 30" rows, sulfur products, corn planter fertility and corn fungicide plots.

Everything’s Bigger in Brazil: The Country Is Poised To Set A Grain Production Record

Brazil is a top-five producer of 34 agricultural commodities. As Brazilian farmers start to plant this fall, forecasts show the 2022/23 crop harvest could be the largest ever.

AgVend Names Two New Vice Presidents

AgVend has named Shane Thomas as Vice President of Strategy and Reed Mayberry as Vice President of Sales.

Sabanto Nets First Investment Granted by Growmark and CHS-backed Cooperative Ventures

Sabanto, founded in 2018, is working to allow farmers and ag retailers to convert any make and model into an autonomous tractor through an equipment retrofit kit.

Midterm Elections Could Have Big Impact on Next Farm Bill

The midterm elections are critical for agriculture because whichever party controls the House and Senate will trickle down to the leadership of the ag and budget committees as they write a new farm bill. 

The Correlation (Or Lack Of) Between Soil Health And Fungicide Use

Ken Ferrie says fields with good soil health can have as much disease present as an unhealthy field, but healthy plants handle stress better than unhealthy ones.

How Much Is The Ukraine-Russia Grain Corridor Worth In The Markets? What This Week Revealed

The grain markets saw waves this week, and agricultural economists say it revealed just how much traders think the vital grain corridor in Russia and Ukraine is worth.

Anti-Animal Ag Media Criticizes UC Davis Researchers, Dr. Mitloehner Tells All

After two recent articles from New York Times and Unearthed criticize Dr. Frank Mitloehner and his team at UC Davis, the "GHGGuru" joins Agritalk to share the facts and his perspective on the media's antics.

Threat of a Nationwide Strike by U.S. Freight Railroad Workers Still Looms

Two unions have rejected a proposed deal with railroads, while six have approved it.

As Hearings for the Farm Bill Ratchet Up, You can Do 3 Things to Help Agriculture

Increasingly the members of Congress who hold the primary responsibility of drafting the farm bill come from suburban and urban areas. They need the information and insights farmers are uniquely equipped to provide.

EPA's Small Refinery Exemption Data Under Fire by U.S. Accountability Office

The GAO study released on Thursday found small oil refineries pay more than larger competitors to fulfill their blending obligations, showing EPA's reason to deny refinery exemption petitions is inaccurate.

I-80 Harvest Tour: Indiana Corn and Soybean Yield Averages Look Below 2021

The harvest continues to roll at near record pace in Indiana and it looks like statewide yield averages will be down for both corn and soybeans. 

One Year Later: New Jersey’s Largest Dairy Rebuilds After Being Leveled by Hurricane Ida

One year ago, a tornado completely devasted Wellacrest Farms, New Jersey's largest dairy farm. Community support outpoured from a group of Amish to a GoFundMe account that helped with the rebuild.

Shipping containers
‘Dark clouds’ for Trade

Shipping giant Maersk on Wednesday warned of gloomy times ahead for global trade, even as it reported record profits stemming from high rates charged by its ocean business.

AMVAC and NewLeaf Symbiotics Launch Biologicals Partnership

Partnership will bolster AMVAC’s growing GreenSolutions biological portfolio; NewLeaf Symbiotics set to gain wider market access

“Weed Pressure Tsunami” Set to Compound Weed Problems in Years to Come

Ben Sauder says, “We’re going to have to really work hard in the next several years to get these weeds back under control because we’ve lost 20 years of weed control in just this one past year."

U.S. Corn Farmers Wary of Vomitoxin, Latest Stress on Global Grain Supplies

A fungus that causes "vomitoxin" has been found in some U.S. corn harvested this fall, causing headaches for growers and livestock producers and forcing ethanol plants and grain elevators to scrutinize grain deliveries.

U.S. Diesel Supply ‘Rapidly Devolving’

While gasoline prices have dropped since they posted record highs in June, diesel hasn’t decreased nearly as much and currently stands at $5.31 per gallon, according to AAA.

Farmland Price Record: $27,400 Per Acre in Southeast Nebraska

The nearly 280 acres sold in two tracts on Oct. 27 for a total of $5.5 million.

La Crosse Seed Acquires Deer Creek Seed

Deer Creek Seed, founded by Bill and Bonnie Leakey, has served forage, turf, cover crop, and food plot customers since 1980.   

Behold the Bootstrapper: Sarah Frey’s Journey from 80 Acres to a Seven-State Operation

Sarah Frey started a simple produce delivery route that has evolved into a fresh fruit and vegetable operation that distributes products nationally.

Wind of Change: Buying Inputs Online

Am I quoting a power rock ballad by Scorpions? Yes, and I’ll expand beyond just the song title with these lyrics: “The future’s in the air/ Can feel it everywhere/ Blowing with the wind of change.”

Freight Costs To Remain High Through Winter, Analyst Says

Freight costs are likely to remain elevated through the winter, despite the recent decline in crude oil prices.

I-80 Harvest Tour: Eastern Iowa Yields May Not Make Up For Below Average Crop in West

In the October USDA projected a 200 bushel per acre corn yield in Iowa, with soybean yield at 58 bushels per acre.   However, yield reports are putting those estimates in question.  

7 Pumpkin Facts to Impress Your Friends on Halloween

In honor of Halloween, arm yourself with a few impressive statistics, courtesy of USDA, about everyone’s favorite fall squash: the pumpkin. 

Drought Levels Enter 2012 Territory

As of Oct. 25, nearly 63% of the U.S. is experiencing drought conditions. That’s more than a 3% increase from just last week and the highest it's been since 2012.

Your Fields Are Likely Low On Sulfur: Here’s How to Fix It

Nitrogen might be the king of yield, but if a corn plant is sulfur deficient, it won’t reach its maximum potential.

Tenkoz Partners With Smartwyre

Tenkoz owner companies will use Smartwyre to improve data quality and transparency to inform better business decisions.

New Report: The Economic, Psychosocial and Data-Management Barriers Inhibiting Farmer Participation in Carbon Markets

Three key findings from the report include: Farmers are aware of carbon markets but not ready to engage; Producers want credit for existing practices; Data capture, management and validation is fragmented.

NAICC: #LETSTALK Mental Health

These discussions have become more accepted, encouraged and viewed as signs of strength.

New Demands by One Labor Union Renews Concerns about Possible Railroad Strike in November

Agriculture isn't out of the woods regarding rail transportation issues as new demands are being made by at least one union.  

Florida's Hurricane Ian Losses Total Over $1 Billion

Nikki Fried, Florida commissioner of ag, says the preliminary assessment is a "first step" in trying to get federal disaster aid for affected producers.

The McRib May Be On Its Farewell Tour, So We're Showing Love to the Birthplace of the Beloved McRib

News is circulating that it may be the last time McDonald's has the McRib on its menu. While a farewell tour may be underway, the University of Nebraska's Meat Sciences Department created the technology behind the McRib.

Did Illinois Just Unlock the Secret to Solving World Hunger?

Ending hunger worldwide may sound like a dream, but researchers at the University of Illinois are making great strides in turning that wish into a reality through the genetic engineering of plants.

Set the Stage for Soil Health with These Best Practices

If you are adding a new farm for next season, take a hard look at soil health. Missy Bauer, Farm Journal Field Agronomist, says start with the canvas rather than the paint.

One Nebraska Farmer Says Improving Soil Health Helped Keep Her on the Land

In a moisture deficit area like southwest Nebraska conservation and regenerative practices have long been a staple for farmers.  That's important especially in drought years like 2022. 

Protect Your Farm: Don’t Let Cyberattacks Hold Your Data for Ransom

You could "lose the farm" because of an unforeseen cyberattack. Here's how to understand your risk and protect your farm.