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The Equity and WebAir Launch Drone Spray Company

Green Creek Drone Company will be led by Tony Weber as general manager and will also be working closely with The Equity’s Agronomy Department providing custom application of fungicides in select areas in 2023.

Helena’s Two New Brands With A Sustainability Focus

The company says these new products balance crop production needs with environmental stewardship to increase yields responsibly and efficiently.

King Corn’s Sleepy Reign?

The writing may be on the wall for a transformation, but a pivot doesn’t have to be a 180° turn.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Do On the Farm?

Farmers are starting to ask what artificial intelligence bots like ChatGPT can do for them. John Phipps went straight to the source, asking ChatGPT what it can do for farmers.

Sound Agriculture launches on-demand-bred tomato

The Summer Swell tomato will be distributed through New York City-based produce wholesaler distributor S. Katzman Produce and available at grocery stores in the New York metropolitan area beginning April 2023.

Avoid Technology Sinkholes: Questions Ag Retailers Should Ask

Tyler Bottoms, Commercial Director at AgVision Software, says if he could solve one problem with a magic wand, it would be to reduce the ag retail industry’s technical debt.

USDA’s Cover Crop Program Would be Made Permanent through Biden's Budget

To put cover crop investments in motion, NRCS would draw on federal, state and private conservationists to hire “thousands” of employees for rural America.

Technical Training: AGCO Supports Associate Degree Program at Parkland College

The $5 million donation from AGCO will construct a new 25,000 sq.-ft. state-of-the-art training center, which will house a new AGCO Agriculture Service Technician Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program.

Four New Crop Protection Products From Corteva Agriscience

Corteva introduces three herbicides and one biological to be added to its lineup of crop protection products.

Agmatix partners with NASA Harvest to support the use of sustainable agricultural practices

Satellite imagery alongside ground measurements will be analyzed using the Agmatix platform to inform sustainable on-farm decisions.

US Nears USMCA Dispute With Mexico Concerning GMO Corn

By requesting consultations, the U.S. Trade Representative began a process to come to a settlement on ag biotechnology imports to Mexico. If a settlement is not reached, the issue will move to a full-blown trade dispute.

8 Tips for Using Biologicals in #Plant23

Experts agree there’s potential in the jug if used correctly and under the right expectations. Here are eight tips experts say can maximize your ROI of biologicals this growing season.  

John Deere Introduces Its First Add-On See & Spray Kit

See & Spray Premium is available for John Deere MY 2018 and newer self-propelled sprayers in the U.S. with factory-installed ExactApply System/ ExactApply Performance Upgrade Kit, steel boom and 15” or 20” spacings

Precision Ag Updates from John Deere

“The modem, along with the G5 Universal displays and StarFire 7000 Universal receiver, provide customers with a pathway to the future of precision ag,” says Ryan Stien, marketing manager for John Deere.

Syngenta Group and Yara adopt Varda’s Global Field ID system

Norway-based crop nutrition company Yara and the Syngenta Group have entered into a partnership with agtech startup Varda, which was founded by Yara.

Bushel Farm Launches With Goal of Streamlining Data via Farm Management Software

Insights include: Cost of production; Marketing position (sold vs. unprotected production); Profitability of grain sales based on current market price; Profit & loss at the farm, crop and field level

Vestaron Launches Spear RC Product

Vestaron, a leading producer of peptide-based bioinsecticides, has launched its latest addition in the Spear family of products, Spear RC. 

Vilsack Signals USMCA Case is Coming on GMO Corn Situation in Mexico

The U.S. appears to be pursuing a case via USMCA on the matter: “That is going to happen, because we're essentially in a circumstance where this is not a situation that lends itself to a compromise,” Vilsack said.

Nutrien’s Must-Have List for Its Technology

The possibilities with future products and services demand connectivity says Cameron Holbrook, vice president of digital at Nutrien. 

2022 New Product Of The Year Runner-Up: A Digital Springboard

Growers Rally is a sales enhancement platform designed specifically to help ag retailers stand out in today’s competitive environment.

Bushel Announces Columbia Grain International As Newest Customer

"We are committed to streamlining the work and efficiencies of our producers to ensure they get the information they need to increase their success," said Jeff Van Pevenage, CEO of Columbia Grain International.

Partnership Brings Agronomy Data and Recommendations to Growers Platform

For retailers using the Growers platform, when agronomic recommendations are created in FieldX, agronomists can then offer purchasing options for farmer customers.

FBN’s Co-Founder Steps Down As CEO, New Leader Comes From Investing Background

FBN has new leadership as Amol Deshpande will step down as CEO effective Feb. 28. 

C-Suite: Grain Trail Transformation

Now partnering with more than 2,400 grain facilities in the U.S. and Canada, Bushel amped up its drumbeat to digitize the grain trail and kill the need for the traditional paper trail.

Machine Learning Arrives On The Farm

AI is not our buddy at the coffee shop who thinks he knows more than he does. Computer AI sophistication is advancing rapidly and will no doubt arrive at the farm gate in short order. 

Use Technology to Build the Perfect Furrow

Your technology investment will maximize corn yield on every soil type.

A cotton boll from Red Land Cotton.
New Cotton Trait A ‘Game Changer’ For Tarnished Plant Bug, Thrip Control

The first-of-its-kind biotech trait is commercially available to farmers as Bollgard 3 ThryvOn cotton with XtendFlex Technology – just in time for the 2023 production season. 

Producers Eliminate Fungicide and Insecticide Use, Cut Fertilizer 50%

To combat volatile weather, mitigate rising input costs and meet agronomic goals, producers are making choices geared toward soil health. Here are insights and tips from three of those producers.

3 Machines Helping to Win the Weed Fight

Herbicide-resistant weeds are a growing problem for farmers across the country. Luckily some new technologies are on the horizon to help battle the bullies of the plant world. 

Retailer Takes Selective Spraying To The Field

As one of the first retailers to commercial selective spraying in their agronomic offering, Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy Sales/Marketing at NuWay-K&H Cooperative shares how they are positioning this technology.

Mexico Says U.S. GMO Corn Will be Imported if it Passes a Test

Mexico's new decree will indicate that if U.S. GMO corn passes the sanitary filters of the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), it will have no problem entering Mexico.

House Reps Push for Seed Tech and Autonomy in 2024 Budget

In hopes of solidifying American ag’s competitive role in global markets, 27 House members signed a letter to the White House, stressing the importance of ag research investments in the 2024 budget.

Certis Biologicals Introduces Kocide 50DF; Powerful New Formulation of the Copper BioFungicide

Kocide 50DF enters the market with the same proven efficacy that growers have relied upon for generations, but in a high-load formulation.

Biden Officials Pressed on Mexico Corn Trade Issue at Farm Bill Hearing

“With 90% of corn acreage in the U.S. being planted to biotech seeds and Mexico being the number one purchaser of U.S. corn, I'm concerned this decree is not being met with urgency it deserves,” said Sen. Grassley.

Corn Seedling Diseases Don't Seem Dramatic, But The Yield Losses they Cause Sure Are

Problems like tar spot get tons of attention because of the highly visible yield loss they cause in-season. Seedling diseases can pack the same punch. Some experts claim Pythium is the No. 1 disease issue in corn.

Will Ag's "Technical Debt" Lead to A Southwest-Type Meltdown?

When one takes off agriculture’s rose-colored glasses, the reality is much of the industry’s technology has been held together with digital duct tape and baling wire.

Brandt Re-Launches Its Product Finder App

This update re-imagines the app, incorporating new features, a clean, simplified design and a modern user interface.

John Phipps: What the Crisis in Ukraine is Revealing About the Essential Use of Satellites

For Ukrainians, the introduction of Starlink has been essential. As Russian barrages destroy cell towers and blow up landlines, satellite internet connection is not just an option, but it's now a lifeline.

USTR Again Raises Ag Biotech, GMO Corn Issue with Mexico

While Mexico wants to reduce its imports of corn by 30% to 40% by 2024, Mexico's Deputy Ag Minister Victor Suarez told reporters that it cannot replace its imports of U.S. corn for livestock feed.

3 Tenets Of A Decade-Forward View of the U.S. Food System

The food system is undergoing transformation, says Rob Dongoski, Ernst & Young. He pulled back the curtain on three ways it will change and how farmers can be ready during a presentation at the 2023 Top Producer Summit.

FBN and Greeneye Partner to Sell Selective Spray Machines

Nadav Bocher, Co-founder and CEO of Greeneye Technology, says he plans on FBN being the primary go-to-market channel for machines in just a few years. 

Gene Editing Merger Focuses, Accelerates Trait Licensing

“Gene editing is the analog to digital moment for agriculture,” says Rory Riggs, co-founder of Cibus and newly named CEO of the merged company.

Albaugh and EVOIA Sign Seed Treatment Supply Agreement

“We are excited to bring this patented liquid biochar extract technology to market with such a strong team as Albaugh,” said Juliette MacKay, EVOIA CEO.

ADM Launches Crop Biostimulant

NeoVita 43 biostimulant consistently enhanced corn yields in multiyear University of Illinois trials

EFC Systems Integrates With Razor Tracking as the Preferred Fleet Management Provider

Razor Tracking's solutions allow for extensive operational logistics iwhich will be teamed with unmatched capabilities in FieldAlytics' digital operations tool.

New AGMRI Product Features Ready for 2023 Growing Season

Building on the platform, four categories of new product features for the 2023 growing season for the iOS and web app are planned

No, Wyoming Isn't Looking to Ban Electric Vehicles...Yet

Sen. Anderson introduced a resolution last Friday aimed at phasing out electric vehicle sales in Wyoming by 2035. The resolution was referred to the state's minerals committee, who tabled it until 2024.

Actinovate From Novozymes Returns To Market

Actinovate can be used to protect crops against diseases including downy mildew, fusarium, phytophthora and many more. Actinovate becomes active in the soil when the temperature is above 45 F.

California Drought: Looks Promising But the Jury is Still Out

“We keep a close eye on reservoirs, and they're looking promising at the moment,” Matt Comrey says. “But the jury's still out."

John Deere and Nutrien Ag Solutions Deepen Tech Integrations

This is a multi-year agreement jointly announced by both companies to improve agronomic outcomes.