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USDA Announces Working Group on Seed Industry Consolidation

Several federal agencies are working together on competition issues in the seed sector as part of a broader Biden administration push to enhance competition in agriculture.

Growmark Acquires Allied Seed

Growmark, the current majority owner of Allied Seed, acquired the remaining ownership held by GreenPoint Ag Holdings, LLC, headquartered in Decatur, Alabama.

Gene Editing Merger Focuses, Accelerates Trait Licensing

“Gene editing is the analog to digital moment for agriculture,” says Rory Riggs, co-founder of Cibus and newly named CEO of the merged company.

Albaugh and EVOIA Sign Seed Treatment Supply Agreement

“We are excited to bring this patented liquid biochar extract technology to market with such a strong team as Albaugh,” said Juliette MacKay, EVOIA CEO.

The Scoop Podcast: Inside The Business Of Selling Seed

Clayton Cunningham, Seed Hub manager at Crops 63 for Ceres Solutions, shares the main driver in farmers picking their seed choices.

Change in Direction: Corteva’s Digital Future

After joining Corteva Agriscience over a year ago, Brian Lutz, vice president of agricultural solutions, is leading his team to make directional changes in their business.

First Commercially Available Biochar Seed Treatment Launched

AmpliFYR is being launched for spring 2023 use in corn, soybeans, wheat, and other row crops. 

Rob-See-Co Acquires Federal Hybrids

This acquisition positions Rob-See-Co as the 14th largest corn seed company in the United States.

DLF Launches Brand and Business Unification in North America

DLF Pickseed is proud to announce it has unified its brand and business under the name DLF - the global market leader in forage and turf seed, in operation for over 100 years.

What Corteva Leaders Say About The Future of Seed, Crop Protection and Digital Ag

10 things top executives had to say about their vision for Corteva in the near future.

New President takes the Reins at Michigan-based Seed Company, Outlines Goals

Janna Fritz, newly named DF Seeds president, speaks to the need for both conventional and specialty seed products that can fuel farmer profitability and also meet consumer wants and needs.

Koch Agronomic Services Reintroduces Agronomy Product: Protivate Nutritional Seed Enhancer

Protivate is formulated with a proprietary blends of nutrients that can be applied directly to the seed for corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, and alfalfa crops.

DLF Opens New Research Station in Wisconsin

There are 10 different species of forage grasses, four species of turf grasses, and two species of legumes being evaluated.

Seed Industry Pros Relaunching Crow’s Brand in Eastern Corn Belt

Using its six decade legacy as a springboard, Outward Ag LLC will be relaunching Crow’s Seed in the eastern corn belt.

Rob-See-Co Acquires Big Cob Hybrids

"We are pleased to welcome Big Cob Hybrids as the newest member of our Rob-See-Co family," said Rob Robinson, Rob-See-Co CEO. "Rob-See-Co and Big Cob Hybrids are family-owned companies with similar cultures and values.

Syngenta Names New Head of North America Seeds Business 

Syngenta announces the appointment of Eric Boeck as Regional Director, North America Seeds, responsible for leading the field crops strategy.

Seed Industry Leader Passes Away

Don E. Funk, fourth-generation seedsman and grandson of seed industry pioneer, Edward J. Funk, died June 9, 2022, of natural causes.

Soybean Seed Treatments Can Be ‘Low-Hanging Fruit for Yields’

Not every product will deliver a positive return-on-investment. But some will and are worth trying out on your farm this season--especially if you're planting early soybeans, says Illinois Sales Agronomist Kris Ehler.

Do Pretty Corn Fields Actually Translate Into Higher Yields?

Modern, high-tech planters can produce “picket fence” stands of corn with seedlings so uniform they look like they’ve been photocopied. But does precise planting pay?

Bayer Announces Stoppage of ‘Non-Essential’ Business in Russia and Belarus

The company said: “More than two weeks have passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From the outset, we have utterly condemned this brutal aggression against a sovereign country."

Bayer has placed new signage at the former St. Louis-based Monsanto sites. Executives say that’s one of the few changes farmers will see in the near-term.
Bayer Receives EPA Registration for TriVolt Corn Herbicde and VT4PRO with RNAi Technology

On March 2, Bayer announced it had received EPA registrations on two crop science products. 

BASF Adds Flo Rite Pro 2805 Seed Coating Polymer

Designed to improve the adhesion and retention of active ingredients, Flo Rite Pro 2805 coating polymer preserves the complete value of seed treatments while helping protect both workers and the environment.

Soybeans and barns on a farm in Minnesota.
Rotate SCN-Resistant Seed Varieties for Optimal Protection

For combating SCN during the 2022 growing season, The SCN Coalition encourages growers to work with their advisors to select the appropriate SCN-resistant varieties.

Condon Resigns From Bayer Crop Science, Santos Steps In As New Leader Effective January 2022

Bayer announced on November 9 that Liam Condon has resigned from his leadership role at Bayer Crop Science, and Rodrigo Santos will step into the position of president of the crop science division.

Exclusive Report: 5 Details To Improve Your Seed Business

Here are the top insights related to what factors into farmers’ seed purchases and the timing of them.

Hoegemeyer Celebrates 85 Years in the Western Corn Belt

Hoegemeyer is celebrating 85 years of combining local expertise with personalized service to give growers the right products that thrive in the Western Corn Belt.

Rob-See-Co Acquires Masters Choice Independent Seed Company

Two independent seed companies will join forces as Rob-See-Co announces it will acquire Masters Choice, which is based in Anna, Illinois. 

Corteva Showcases New Robotic Technology In The Field

Meet “Annie.” This robot being used by Corteva Agriscience is the result of a partnership with Boston Dynamics and Trimble.

Inari and Beck’s Announce Strategic Collaboration

Since its inception in 2016, Inari has made significant progress in delivering scientific breakthroughs through its SEEDesign platform.

Issuance of U.S. Patent for Pizazz Dry Seed Finisher

Pizazz is a dry seed coating technology designed to deliver shine and improved flow to treated seed with minimal fugitive dust when handling and applying the product.

Agrauxine Acquires Ohio-Based ABM Biologicals Company

ABM specializes in seed treatment with bionutrition products. Agrauxine by Lesaffre has been developing biosourced solutions for plant nutrition and health for more than 15 years.

Nutrien Reports Strong Q1 Performance, Highlights Retail Margins

Nutrien leadership shares five areas for growth in its retail business.

Family-owned Gayland Ward Seed Transitions To Next Generation Management

As part of a transition to the next generation, Carson Ward takes over the helm of Gayland Ward Seed, opens a new headquarters in Amarillo, Texas, and launches a new logo as GW Seed.  

Follow 6 Basic Steps for Stewardship of Treated Seed

Seed treatments help protect the developing seed during its most vulnerable time – at planting and germination.

Ceradis and WinField United Form Distribution Partnership for CeraMax

"We are excited about the partnership with WinField United which is an important milestone in commercializing CeraMax in the U.S.,” says Jan Stechmann, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Win the Furrow: It Starts with Uniform Emergence

Planting a crop isn't just dropping seed in the ground and hoping for record results. In order to "Win the Furrow," it starts with uniform germination and emergence.

Rob-See-Co Announces Acquisition of NorthStar Genetics

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to enhance our soybean expertise, and to be able to share that with our growers."

Direct Enterprises To Market Biological Product Targeting Sudden Death Syndrome

Containing the active ingredient Natamycin, CeraMax empowers the genetic potential of soybean seeds to increase early-season vigor for a stronger, more uniform emergence and maximum yield potential according to research.

SCN Defense: Why The Best Time to Invest in New Technology is Now

The team at Nufarm says the 2021 crop season is offering plenty of reasons to bank on the ROI potential of Trunemco.

Behind The Business Of Seed

Responsible for Syngenta’s North American seed business, Justin Wolfe says he’s learned are to never stop learning and do business with those who value the integrity of a handshake—or today, an elbow bump.

What Farmers Want And How COVID-19 Brought More Change Faster

How is your business going to remain relevant in the coming five, 10 or 15 years? That’s the primary question studied in 2020 in a partnership between Aimpoint Research and The Scoop.

BASF’s New Insecticide Seed Treatment Puts Wireworms In Its Crosshairs

“This is a brand-new insecticide, Broflanilide—it’s not just a reformulation of the same chemistries,” says Ruhiyyih Dyrdahl-Young with BASF.

Ken Ferrie
Ferrie: Plan For A Normal Crop In 2021; Don’t Let A Drought Threat Drive Your Decisions

Plan for a normal crop, hope for the biggest crop of your career and then mitigate the risk of a drought or crop failure.

“We've recalibrated our business to make sure that we take duplication out. We want to partner with our retailers in a way that we spend $1 once because we don't think any farmers are in a position to have the extra cost," he says.
One-On-One with WinField United President Brett Bruggeman

Brett Bruggeman joins The Scoop podcast to talk about the company’s performance warranty, financing programs, decision ag tools, and supply chain initiatives.

Biological Tackles Soybeans’ No. 1 Pathogen

“Every aspect of SCN works against you,” says Dair McDuffee, a seed treatment specialist with Valent. “Once you have it, take the bull by the horns.”

Frenchman Valley Cooperative Launches Inputs Business With VantagePoint

With a new strategic partnership, Frenchman Valley Farmers Cooperative (FVC) is launching a line of crop inputs with VantagePoint.

Mike Burbach Joins Nufarm As Seed Treatment Manager

“Nufarm continues to add more and more seed-applied solutions that elevate agronomic performance and add operational efficiency for both upstream and downstream customers” said Ken Barham.

FiberMax and Stoneville Cotton Seed Offers Two New Seed Treatments

BASF is strengthening its cotton portfolio from seed to harvest with the introduction of two new seed treatment packages, Core and Prime seed treatments.

Farmers Cite Successes In 2020, Look Ahead to 2021

What went right in 2020? And what are farmers looking to do different in the coming crop year? The 2020 Farm Journal Harvest Study shed light on those two questions with its top takeaways.

Areas with orange and red symbols indicate increased beetle activity and more rootworm damage the following year.
Corn Rootworm Pressure To Persist In 2021 For Corn Belt

Here are recommendations for first-year corn and continuous corn.