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The Carbon Games: Agricultural Producers Still Looking for the Leaderboard

“What we need to do to move carbon past the starting line is to show farmers the scoreboard and tell them exactly what they need to do to earn their points,” said Mitchell Hora.  

Corteva's New Collaboration with Chevron and Bunge Could Turn Canola into a Cash Crop for Farmers

A new partnership between Corteva, Bunge and Chevron to create proprietary canola hybrids will boost vegetable oil supplies to fuel the renewable diesel market while also creating a new revenue stream for farmers. 

What To Know About Carbon Insets Versus Offsets

Most carbon programs available to farmers have required a change in practice, which left many long-term users of no-till practices and cover crops on the sidelines. However, 2023 is shaping up as a turning point.

Hung Up on ESG And Your Value Proposition: You Don't Have To Be A Leader, Be A Fast Follower

It’s a big idea with far-reaching implications for ag retail—the environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework.

United Airlines Taps Corn to Bring Ethanol-Based Jet Fuel to Market

United Airlines is teaming up with a corn ethanol maker in a bid to ramp up production of green jet fuel to deal with carbon credits and climate change by 2028.

Truterra Eyes a Path For Every Farmer, Transformation to Carbon Insets

Tom Ryan says this will be a transformational year for two reasons: the groundswell of efforts with USDA Climate Smart grants and a shifting focus to carbon insets.

Carbon Program Providers Say Buyer Demand is Outpacing Farmer Supply 

Currently, most voluntary carbon programs are based on payment for a change of practice on the farm. But what’s the tipping point for farmers to make any change in exchange for enrollment in a carbon program? 

DOE Cuts $118 Million Check to Biofuels Projects

“The funds awarded today by the DOE will undoubtedly accelerate the innovations taking place at U.S. ethanol plants, opening new opportunities for low-cost, low-carbon energy,” says Growth Energy's Emily Skor.

Farmer Panel: Climate-Smart Program Rewards Must Outweigh Risks To Earn Grower Participation

Profitability and efficiency are big drivers for growers evaluating conservation-based farming practices. Each farmer who spoke at the Trust In Food Symposium said they have adopted at least one such practice, to date.

Carbon By Indigo Pays $3.7 Million In Second Tranche of Payments

Indigo says its program doubled in acres in 2022. 

What's in it for Ag in the New Spending Bill?

The House on Friday averted a government shutdown by voting 225 to 201 in favor of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023—the omnibus spending bill. Here's what's in it for ag.

How the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Package Might Impact Your Operation

Text of the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package was released early Tuesday morning. The Senate will vote first and intends to pass the measure before Thursday, leaving the House no time to demand changes.

European Union Clinches a Deal on a Carbon Border Tax

Members of the bloc agreed on how to create a tool that will force foreign companies to pay for the cost of their carbon emissions.

Research Demonstrates Cover Crops as Carbon Negative

Cover crops sequestered nearly three times as much greenhouse gas as the check fields. And acres with cover crops were carbon negative

Research in Ag-Tech Top-Of-Mind in Farm Bill Hearing

“We rely on the support of farm bill funding and programs to ensure continued U.S. leadership as the provider of the best seed to the world," said Katy Rainey, Purdue associate professor, at the Senate Ag hearing.

New Report: The Economic, Psychosocial and Data-Management Barriers Inhibiting Farmer Participation in Carbon Markets

Three key findings from the report include: Farmers are aware of carbon markets but not ready to engage; Producers want credit for existing practices; Data capture, management and validation is fragmented.

Is Carbon the New Cash Cow? Elanco CEO Thinks Dairy Farmers Could Make More Money Off Carbon Than Milk

Dairy producers could soon serve up a climate solution that creates significant economic incentives for their farm. Jeff Simmons thinks dairy farmers are just years from making more money off carbon than milk products.

3 Big Carbon Questions For Farmers

The future of voluntary carbon markets for agriculture is still coming into focus. As such, farmers continue to assess the landscape and weigh their opportunities.

Purdue Predicts a 5% Increase in Farmland Cash Rental Rates in 2023

Farmland and input price jumps in 2022 continue to be top-of-mind for producers as they look to 2023. Interest in carbon sequestration has also spiked. Here's a look at the latest Ag Barometer with Purdue's Jim Mintert.

FarmLogs and Nori Connected Aim to Ease Enrollment In Carbon Marketplace

“Verification is no longer about binders full of documentation," said Dane Braun, Vice President of Farm Strategy at Bushel.

Vilsack Announces 3 Grant Recipients for ‘Climate Smart’ Products

University of Missouri, South Dakota University and Iowa Soybean Association were named winners at the Farm Progress show in Boone, Ia. on Tuesday. Vilsack noted requests from over 1,000 applications topped $20 billion.

Widening the Funnel: Land O’Lakes Evolves Approach And, Removes Some Risk For Regenerative Practices

Land O’Lakes is aiming to straighten the path for more farmers to adopt more regenerative practices across their acres, and in doing so building a wider funnel of farmers who could enroll in carbon markets.

Carbon Markets: A Low-Hanging Fruit or The Next Cash Crop?

To foster a strong agriculture carbon market, three “science gaps” need to be addressed

ForGround: Bayer’s Digital Platform Beyond Just Carbon

Broader than carbon alone, ForGround aims to encompass regenerative agricultural practices and technologies and then connect those in-field decisions to downstream companies and their sustainability goals. 

Research Shows 90% of Farmers Won’t join Carbon Markets Without Changes

Despite the exponential growth in agricultural carbon market options, most producers aren’t biting.

Dutch Farmers Are Protesting A Government Policy Canada and Ireland are Now Proposing, Is The U.S. Next?

“I feel like every day is one day closer to having the President declare a climate emergency,” says Newlin. “Once that happens, I don’t know what it will mean for ag, or what it’s going to open up the door to."

President Biden Fast Tracks the Switch from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy

Biden spoke up in Massachusetts on Wednesday to deliver his administration’s executive action climate plans in lieu of Manchin’s decision, including offshore wind, bolstered utilities and workplace heat inspections.

New Bill Aims to Strengthen Research in Ag Conservation

The Carbon Sequestration Collaboration Act aims to increase agriculture and forestry’s current 13% carbon capture rate by establishing more research and development programs in land use.

New Data Shows Ag’s Climate Footprint is Shrinking

According to the USDA, 2020 farming activities in the U.S. made up 11.2 percent, or 670 of 5,981 million metrics tons, of the U.S.’s total carbon contribution.

Inside Look at Agoro Carbon's $9 Million to Farmers In Its First Year

The Agoro Carbon program is a 10-year contract which pays for a change practice aiming to increase carbon sequestration. These include cover crops, no-till, reduced tillage, nitrogen management and rotational grazing.

Truterra and AGI Collaborate to Streamline Ag Retail’s Data Demands

One goal of the project is to have carbon market enrollment easier for retailers as they assist farmers with exploring those opportunities.

Indigo’s Carbon Milestone: 20,000 Credits Verified and Sold

Via 175 participating farmers, Indigo announces its Carbon by Indigo program has generated, verified and sold 20,000 credits to 17 buyers.

Take Two: Truterra Opens Second Round of Carbon Market Enrollment for 2022

Mariah Murphy says, “The future state of carbon markets will continue to evolve over the next 1 to 2 years. We are still going to be in the messy space."

Growing Pains: Companies Focus on Creating a Carbon Market Foundation

While companies have big aspirations for carbon programs, they are simultaneously recognizing changes that need to be made to increase participation. 

An Easy Button For Carbon Market Enrollment

Dylan Barth shares the success CFS has had in building a precision ag program to cover more than 300,000 acres and be able to help growers change their agronomic decisions in light of changing ROI equations

anhydrous ammonia
World’s Largest Clean Ammonia Production Facility to be Built in Louisiana

Nutrien announced this week it will build the world’s largest clean ammonia production facility in Geismar, Louisiana, to “decarbonize agriculture.”

Conservation Practices With Customization

Cover crops, conservation tillage, irrigation optimization, fertilizers and pesticides all have a fit on Rondo Farms, but only when they're right for the land, the agronomy and the financials.

Truterra Adds Agronomic Network to Spur Interest and Adoption of Soil Health Practices

In April, Truterra announced a springboard for its focus in soil health. A network of agronomists will facilitate implementation of agronomic practices alongside its retail agronomists and their farmer customers.

Nutrien Launches Next Step Carbon Program with Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes

The program is open for corn, cotton and wheat growers, and outlines a specific parameter for participation: a 5% reduction in nitrogen rates.

Climate-Friendly Rice Provides Missouri Farmer a Price Premium, New Carbon Credit Income

McKaskle Family Farm finds ways to prove additionality in their long-standing regenerative operation.

Ethanol Plant
Carbon Pipeline to Improve Ethanol Plant and Ag Profitability, Developer Says

The plan is to capture CO2 from the fermentation process of the plants in a five-state region, compress it into liquid form, then move it by pipeline to North Dakota for storage.

Year-Round E15 Sales Could Address Pain at the Pumps

A bipartisan group of senators penned a letter to President Biden, urging his administration to mitigate rising fuel costs by increasing higher blends of American biofuels.

Thinking Beyond ‘Check The Box’ Carbon Programs

“Agriculture is one of the key solutions in a more carbon positive future,” says Mitchell Hora.

Bayer Weighs Glyphosate Alternatives

Input costs are high across the board this year. In leu of low glyphosate availability and increasing costs, whispers of an alternative have trickled down to Bayer’s research and development team.

“Not About The Cow, But The How” Carbon Program Pays Ranchers $200k

Grassroots Carbon has provided payment to 10 Texas ranchers for their adoption of reversative grazing pastures which have resulted in nature-based, measured, verified and certified carbon credits.

Will Sustainable Fuel Power Your Farm Equipment In 10 Years?

Wiesemeyer says “you don’t spend some $300 million on these [soybean crushing] plants without a solid foundation of a market in the future.”

Carbon Forces A Y In the Road For Ag Retail

According to Brett Bruggeman, president of WinField United, the opportunities around carbon markets are bringing a stratification in the ag retail business.

Dirty Boots Advocacy: Farm Journal Announces Carbon Council

These charter members bring a range of expertise and the drive to share the financial and ecological benefits of carbon programs. 

Will Industrial Hemp Unlock the Answers to Restoring Soil Health?

When we think of carbon credits, we often think of renewable energy markets like wind, solar and electric vehicles. Hemp is proven to absorb more CO2 per acre than any forest or commercial crop.

Two Ways to Be Paid for Carbon

Understand how and why you are paid for carbon.