Ag Retailer of the Year

The 2022 application is open. Click here to apply!

How to Apply

  • Individuals may nominate an ARA member retailer or ARA member retailers may apply directly.
  • Deadline: Friday, July 1, 2022 

Application Tips

  • The best entries include pictures and captions.
  • Show (in description and pictures, if possible) how your organization accomplishes each criterion.
  • Keep your answers brief but complete.
  • Here is a sample application for your review. 2017 winning application 

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Recipient Receives

  • Two round-trip airline tickets to the ARA Conference & Expo
  • Two-night accommodations at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego Nov. 29 – Dec. 1 
  • VIP Dinner with Bayer representatives and ARA officers
  • Two-page article in The Scoop magazine spotlighting the winning retail facility
  • Special award presentation at the ARA Conference & Expo
  • A prestigious award to display at a retail facility


Click here to apply!