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Precision Ag Updates from John Deere

“The modem, along with the G5 Universal displays and StarFire 7000 Universal receiver, provide customers with a pathway to the future of precision ag,” says Ryan Stien, marketing manager for John Deere.

Nutrien’s Must-Have List for Its Technology

The possibilities with future products and services demand connectivity says Cameron Holbrook, vice president of digital at Nutrien. 

Retailer Takes Selective Spraying To The Field

As one of the first retailers to commercial selective spraying in their agronomic offering, Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy Sales/Marketing at NuWay-K&H Cooperative shares how they are positioning this technology.

FBN and Greeneye Partner to Sell Selective Spray Machines

Nadav Bocher, Co-founder and CEO of Greeneye Technology, says he plans on FBN being the primary go-to-market channel for machines in just a few years. 

The Tech World Had The Chance To Meet Real Farmers At CES, And The Reaction Was Surprisingly Good

CES has traditionally been a show geared to consumers is one agriculture is playing a bigger role, the interest in agriculture’s story became a resounding theme, as John Deere connected consumer to farmers.

New from John Deere: Strip-Till Series and Tillage Technology

Five ST series strip-till models are available in a variety of shanks, coulters and row spacings and TruSet Active offers enhanced depth control for tillage

Trimble’s Duo of Next Generation Displays

The touch-screen displays have Android-based operating systems and are compatible with more than 10,000 vehicle models across more than 40 brands of equipment.

Precision, Sustainable Ag And Product Tech Drive InfoAg Conference

More than ever, farmers’ trusted advisers need insights on precision agriculture, sustainability and product technology such as biostimulants, energy-efficient fertilizers and coatings.

Trimble Acquires Spot Spray Tech: France-based Bilberry

The Bilberry technology has been developed as a retrofit system for sprayers to provide both green-on-green and green-on-brown applications.

Texas Grower Puts John Deere’s See and Spray Technology to the Test

Three dozen cameras evenly spaced across a 120’ boom use artificial intelligence to target and spray weeds, cutting herbicide use by up to 80% and improving weed control

John Deere Gives Gators Hands-Free Steering with AutoTrac

AutoTrac equipped Gator utility vehicles can be used for grid sampling, spraying and field boundary creation

This Technology Makes Any Sprayer Smarter

Reducing herbicide usage by 97% in pre-emergence and 88% in post-emergence spraying, Greeneye Technology might be the ‘next-big-thing’ in sprayer technology.

InfoAg: Focus on Solving The Greatest Challenges for Agronomists and Consultants

“This year, the conference will focus on solving those challenges through precision agriculture, sustainability, and products innovation,” says Corey Rosenbusch, TFI President and CEO.

Co-Ops Open the Door for High-speed Broadband and More Use of Precision Ag

While the idea that agricultural co-ops should take the lead in developing private wireless networks sounds aggressive, CoBank analysts say co-ops are in a much better position than individual farmers to do so

An Easy Button For Carbon Market Enrollment

Dylan Barth shares the success CFS has had in building a precision ag program to cover more than 300,000 acres and be able to help growers change their agronomic decisions in light of changing ROI equations

This Year Is The Year to Use Precision Ag

With a territory the spans Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland, Erin Hardin covers a diverse geography, and she says the reception to new technology tools varies.

The Scoop Podcast: Layers Of Technology Uncover Higher Yields

Ethan Noll shares the future of digital ag is about scaling down with sensors and autonomy. Such as an irrigation tech saving $29/acre on crop nutrition inputs.

Ag Equipment to Decorate D.C. to Celebrate National Ag Day

The National Mall in Washington, D.C. will look different this week. AEM is hosting a Celebration of Modern Agriculture event to showcase the nation’s finest agricultural machinery.

On Target: John Deere's Latest Green-On-Green Spraying Innovation

Yield monitors on combines. Module-building cotton pickers. Automatic row shut off on planters. Now for sprayers, will selective smart spraying systems be the next must-have productivity enablers? 

Autonomy in Action: These Machines Bring Imagination to Life

Autonomy is poised to introduce new levels of productivity on the farm — and fun. 

John Deere Teases Autonomy Launches

In social media posts, John Deere is giving a peek behind the curtain for what’s coming. 

AgLaunch and Farm Journal Announce Cutting-Edge Startups for the 2021 AgLaunch365 Row Crop Challenge

The 10 Row Crop Challenge startups were chosen by a panel of farmers that selected innovations based on their potential to address key problems in U.S. row crop agriculture.

Telus Agriculture Announces John Raines As New President

The company says Raines will continue to develop its strategy focusing on how to digitally enhance food quality, security and availability with real-time data. 

Look Up And Over the Fence: Technology is Changing Agriculture In Real-Time

Analyst of the ag retail business Shane Thomas joins the podcast to talk about his latest insights including the three reasons why drones are having a second coming in agriculture.

Next Stage In Sirrus Suite Evolution

“There are certain tasks which are more efficiently accomplished via a web interface and are less practical on a mobile device," says Patrick Sanders, director of strategic business development at Proagrica.

Q&A With CNH Industrial’s CEO Scott Wine

"Precision and autonomy are an opportunity for us, and Raven really helps put us in a very, very competitive position," Wine says.

C-Suite: Digitizing Ag To The Next, Next Level

Tamar Rosati is charged with the global strategy and business for the digital leg of Corteva Agriscience. She shares it’s up to her team to make software easy to use and indispensable to customers.

Semiconductor Shortage Casts A Long Shadow

The lack of key components brings disruption at the absolute worst of times. Missing the window of opportunity to upgrade or add to technology now may very well have decades worth of repercussions.

GreenPoint Ag Rebrands Precision Platform As AccuField

The new AccuField puts a spotlight on the company’s three initiatives—innovate, grow, and sustain.

John Deere’s New Floater: The 800R

With versatility to be outfitted with an air boom, dry spinner-spreader and liquid systems, John Deere introduces the 800R Floater for model year 2022, which replaces the previous F4365 high-capacity nutrient applicator

Quit The Paper Chase, Go Digital

When technology tools are optimized, you can provide the ideal customer experience and maximize the business opportunities. 

5 Reasons to Attend InfoAg 2021

Hosted Aug. 3 and 4 in St. Louis, the event is organized by The Fertilizer Institute with partners including the Agricultural Retailers Association, The Scoop, and Trust in Food.

Just as Technology Transformed Agriculture, Harvesting Data Could Reveal Details Down to the Row

Despite precision agriculture getting its start decades ago, the majority farmers aren’t fully using their farm data today. Just as technology has transformed agriculture, harvesting data could do the same.

But downforce pressure and ground contact are keys to fully capitalize on benefits
CNH Industrial to Acquire Raven for $2.1 Billion

Scott Wine, CEO CNH Industrial “Precision agriculture and autonomy are critical components of our strategy to help our agricultural customers reach the next level of productivity...” 

InfoAg Conference Partners With The Scoop, Trust In Food

For more than 25 years, InfoAg has remained the premier conference on the practical application of precision agriculture.

How Nutrien Ag Solutions Will Grow The Company’s Portfolio Approach to Carbon

The pilot program in 2021 aims to help the company solidify its approach with that strategy at delivering the right recommendation and measurement for carbon.

AGCO Collaborates on Spray Tech with Bosch, BASF Digital Farming and Raven Industries Inc.

To support the reduction in herbicide application, the targeted spraying proof of concept will focus on real-time sensing technology to make crop protection decisions.

Raven Unifies Driverless Ag Tech Under One Brand

As it continues to develop the core technologies from its acquisitions of SmartAg and Dot, Raven announces its brand for driverless technology going forward.

The Next Big Thing: Convergence of Technology Products and Risk Tools

On The Scoop podcast, Joel Wipperfurth the Director of Business Operations and Retail Execution at Winfield United, shares the biggest vulnerability in agriculture is stranded data.

Topcon’s New Guidance Solutions

"You can’t afford to go cheap,” says Brian Sorbe, VP and GM Americas for Topcon. “The data derived from these systems is becoming more critical and more valuable. The data has got to be geo spatially accurate.”

The C-Suite: After The Pivot

The past five years have been transformational for AMVAC, says Scott Hendrix, Senior Vice President, U.S. and Canada Crop Sales and Application Technology.

Proagrica's Sirrus Agronomy Mobile App Expands Collaboration Features

This gives agronomists and growers a shared workflow from planning through to execution

Top Technology Investments Farmers Want to Make

A farmer just won the lottery—what do they buy first? In February, the Farm Journal Pulse Poll asked that question specifically about technology purchases.

Farm Journal
Planting Technology Has Outpaced Weather Uncertainty

A John Deere Model H tractor and Model 290 planter could plant 30 acres a day. And 70 years later, today’s 24-row planter can plant more than 45 acres per hour.

Tech Takes the Wheel: John Deere Delivers Solutions Beyond Iron

“The line where the precision ag starts and the tractor stops is extremely gray. It used to be bolting on precision ag hardware, and now it’s part of what the tractor does,” says marketing manager Ryan Jardon.

The Scoop Readers Name 2020 New Product of the Year

This technology has the potential to redefine the application timeframe as well as level of precision of crop input products.

How Fit Is A Farm? It Depends On How You Measure It

Undoubtedly, the term “fitness” has become engrained as part of today’s societal norms. Just as it is with personal health, the same motivation should hold true when evaluating the health of a farm

Proagrica Acquires CDMS

After the acquisition Proagrica plans to continue to operate CDMS as a trusted, independent data source to be used across the industry.

The agricultural supply chain has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of substantial disruption, but the ag sector’s digital transformation journey is far from complete.
Moving Beyond The Promise Of Big Data

The ag sector has talked about the (broadly) unrealized potential for Big Data for years. Frankly, it’s been tiring. We’ve seen a lot of talk about its promise when the infrastructures are in place to deliver on it.

Exclusive: Precision Ag’s Role In Environmental Stewardship

For the past year and a half, AEM has helped spearhead a study to quantify how technology used in agriculture improves environmental stewardship including reduction in carbon, water quality, and more.