Latest News From New Products

What The Soil Has to Say

By turning biological test results into gigabytes of data, Pattern Ag has developed the largest soil metagenomics database with more than 200 billion DNA reads. 

Helena’s Two New Brands With A Sustainability Focus

The company says these new products balance crop production needs with environmental stewardship to increase yields responsibly and efficiently.

Valent USA Enters Corn Industry With Three Modes of Action Herbicide

The company, known for its extensive work in soybeans, formally moves into the corn marketplace with its introduction of Maverick herbicide, now available for use this season.

Four New Crop Protection Products From Corteva Agriscience

Corteva introduces three herbicides and one biological to be added to its lineup of crop protection products.

John Deere Introduces Its First Add-On See & Spray Kit

See & Spray Premium is available for John Deere MY 2018 and newer self-propelled sprayers in the U.S. with factory-installed ExactApply System/ ExactApply Performance Upgrade Kit, steel boom and 15” or 20” spacings

Precision Ag Updates from John Deere

“The modem, along with the G5 Universal displays and StarFire 7000 Universal receiver, provide customers with a pathway to the future of precision ag,” says Ryan Stien, marketing manager for John Deere.

Bushel Farm Launches With Goal of Streamlining Data via Farm Management Software

Insights include: Cost of production; Marketing position (sold vs. unprotected production); Profitability of grain sales based on current market price; Profit & loss at the farm, crop and field level

Vestaron Launches Spear RC Product

Vestaron, a leading producer of peptide-based bioinsecticides, has launched its latest addition in the Spear family of products, Spear RC. 

The Andersons Announces Launch of MicroMark DG Granular Micronutrients

MicroMark DG Blitz is a blend of calcium, sulfur, boron, manganese, and zinc. MicroMark DG Humic is a unique blend of calcium, sulfur, manganese, zinc and humic acid.

2022 New Product Of The Year Runner-Up: A Digital Springboard

Growers Rally is a sales enhancement platform designed specifically to help ag retailers stand out in today’s competitive environment.

2022 New Product Of The Year: A Launch Unlike Any Other

With TriVolt’s performance, consistency and effectiveness in mind, The Scoop’s audience recognized and elevated TriVolt herbicide as a welcomed tool in their toolboxes.

Over-The-Top Dicamba Cutoff Dates For 2023 Are Set

With two recent announcements the EPA has approved labels for over-the-top dicamba applications (XtendiMax, Engenia and Tavium herbicides) in 2023 in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Partnership Brings Agronomy Data and Recommendations to Growers Platform

For retailers using the Growers platform, when agronomic recommendations are created in FieldX, agronomists can then offer purchasing options for farmer customers.

AGI’s Next Generation of Augers

Adding to its lineup of high quality, portable swing hopper augers, Ag Growth International Inc. (AGI) has added Westfield MKX 2 and Hutchinson-Mayrath HX2 series.

Use Technology to Build the Perfect Furrow

Your technology investment will maximize corn yield on every soil type.

Certis Biologicals Introduces Kocide 50DF; Powerful New Formulation of the Copper BioFungicide

Kocide 50DF enters the market with the same proven efficacy that growers have relied upon for generations, but in a high-load formulation.

Are You Worried About Glufosinate Supplies in 2023? Good News. There Isn't a Shortage This Year

As farmers prepare to plant this spring, 2023 isn’t as much of a guessing game in terms of certain inputs supplies. BASF says the company isn’t seeing a shortage of glufosinate this year.

FBN and Greeneye Partner to Sell Selective Spray Machines

Nadav Bocher, Co-founder and CEO of Greeneye Technology, says he plans on FBN being the primary go-to-market channel for machines in just a few years. 

Gene Editing Merger Focuses, Accelerates Trait Licensing

“Gene editing is the analog to digital moment for agriculture,” says Rory Riggs, co-founder of Cibus and newly named CEO of the merged company.

Albaugh and EVOIA Sign Seed Treatment Supply Agreement

“We are excited to bring this patented liquid biochar extract technology to market with such a strong team as Albaugh,” said Juliette MacKay, EVOIA CEO.

ADM Launches Crop Biostimulant

NeoVita 43 biostimulant consistently enhanced corn yields in multiyear University of Illinois trials

EFC Systems Integrates With Razor Tracking as the Preferred Fleet Management Provider

Razor Tracking's solutions allow for extensive operational logistics iwhich will be teamed with unmatched capabilities in FieldAlytics' digital operations tool.

New AGMRI Product Features Ready for 2023 Growing Season

Building on the platform, four categories of new product features for the 2023 growing season for the iOS and web app are planned

Actinovate From Novozymes Returns To Market

Actinovate can be used to protect crops against diseases including downy mildew, fusarium, phytophthora and many more. Actinovate becomes active in the soil when the temperature is above 45 F.

Air Tractor Marks 1,000th AT-802 Milestone

Air Tractor dealer Lane Aviation sold serial number 802A-1000 through its Brazil agent Aero Globo Aeronaves.

Warden CX II Soybean Seed Treatment Receives EPA Approval

“Warden CX II is built from the same formulation growers and retailers have come to know and trust through years of proven performance,” said Joe Rickard, crop protection product manager, WinField United.

Emerging Corn Can Overcome Adverse Conditions With Ascend2

“PGRs act like a steroid for corn plants, helping increase yield and optimize ROI for growers by combatting the impact of adverse growing conditions,” said Jon Zuk, crop protection product manager, WinField United.

NuWay-K&H Cooperative Offers Selective Spraying Via Greeneye Technology System

NuWay-K&H will use the Greeneye system to offer selective spraying-as-a-service initially to its farmer members in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Growers Launches App, Expands Its Pilot Ahead of Schedule

The app was launched on Dec. 1, and the company says while its launch was intentionally kept quiet, its growth and usage rate in the first month have propelled the company to bump up the expansion plans. 

What Is John Deere’s New ExactShot Planter Technology, And How Does It Work?

John Deere's ExactShot, unveiled during CES, uses sensors and robotics to place starter fertilizer precisely onto seeds as they are planted. The company claims the technology comes with a fertilizer savings of up to 60%.

Syngenta’s Vayantis Fungicide Seed Treatment Now Available in Custom Blends

This custom blend option allows growers to combine the superior Pythium protection Vayantis provides with other seed treatments, creating tailor-made solutions specific to their fields’ challenges.

Albaugh Gets EPA Approval on Ace 3.8L ST Fungicide Seed Treatment

Ace 3.8L ST contains Ipconazole–the same active ingredient found in Rancona 3.8 FS.

Verdesian Launches Liquid Biological For Early Season Growth

Accolade contains Azospirillum brasilense – which the company says is a well-studied, free-living, nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Lindsay Corporation Announces Partnership with Ceres Imaging

High-resolution imagery will be incorporated into Lindsay's FieldNET irrigation management tool offers increased visibility of crop and field conditions

Farmers and applicators should check state rules before applying the product
CPDA Launches Application Enhancement Certification Program

All CPDA Certified Adjuvants are eligible for the certification. Applications must be received by January 15, 2023 to be included in the first round of testing.

Biological Pair of Products Highlights “Advanced Crop Nutrition”

The products are being introduced for the first time in the Midwest row crop market for 2023.

First Commercially Available Biochar Seed Treatment Launched

AmpliFYR is being launched for spring 2023 use in corn, soybeans, wheat, and other row crops. 

Traction Ag Partners with CropZilla

By combining the platforms, users will get a streamlined accounting process for optimizing their equipment fleet and gain a better understanding of their equipment productivity, costs and replacement needs.

CNH Industrial Fuses Iron and Technology

The company put the spotlight on a batch of products it’s introducing and working toward introduction of. 

Product Intros Highlight The Future of Meristem Crop Performance

“This is an efficiency play. It’s a better way of doing it. It’s the future of Meristem,” says Peter Rousonelos, VP Business Development at Meristem.

CNH Industrial Puts Spotlight On Four Industry-Firsts in Autonomy, Alternative Fuels and Electrification

What’s the future of ag machinery look like? Well, CNH Industrial pulled back on the curtain on its vision for the future.

BioConsortia Unveils Broadened Nematicide Seed Treatment Pipeline

The five product leads ready for partnering from the BioConsortia nematicide pipeline are each based on single-strain, spore-forming beneficial bacteria.

AgVend Introduces Point-of-Action Financing

AgVend Digital Finance gives third-party finance providers the ability to take full advantage of the digital enablement solution by making services more accessible and available at a retailer’s digital point of sale.

Sentera’s Direct Georeferencing System Increases Efficiency 3X

Ditch stitching. Sentera has developed its Direct Georeferencing (DGR) System that allows drone operators to do just that.

Kyro: Corteva’s Newest Corn Herbicide

Kyro is a novel formulation–the first of its kind to market– combining the active ingredients acetochlor, topramezone and clopyralid into one premix.

New From AMVAC GreenSolutions: BioWake Dual-Use Biological Seed Lubricant

Marketed as the all-in-one biological planter box solution, BioWake is a seed lubricant delivering both enhanced seed flow and nutrient uptake It is available for the 2023 growing season.

Spectrum Unveils WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor for Pesticide Spray Records

Custom applicators or growers applying their own pesticides can now capture real-time weather conditions at the field or crop site and include this important information in the spray records.

Indigo Announces New Biofungicide Seed Treatment

Indigo boasts biotrinsic x19 has three modes of action to help protect against disease. 

Granular Business Acquired by Traction Ag

Twenty months after its launch, Traction Ag has made its first acquisition. Corteva has sold its Granular Business software to the Traction Ag, which includes its farm management technology.

FMC’s New Three Mode of Action Fungicide

The fungicide combines three modes of action and is boasted as the first fungicide to use the newest molecule in the SDHI class–fluindapyr.