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U.S. Expands Dairy Clash with Canada Through the USMCA

Under the USMCA, Canada conceded to granting lower tariff access across dairy products. But Canada was allocating a bulk of those imports to processors, limiting the ability of other groups to buy U.S. products.

Proposed Farmworker Labor Reforms Part of Omnibus Bill, Renewed Push for Immigration Reform

Proposed farmworker labor reforms from Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and others were left out of the omnibus spending package but farm groups are continuing to push for immigration reform.  

The Scoop Podcast: Be The Trusted Adviser For Technology, Just Like Agronomy

Matt Clark shares how Ceres Solutions is challenging itself and challenging growers to adopt technology to improve how they do business. And he talks about a unique “test plot” for technology.

U.S.'s "Candid" GMO Corn Conversation With Mexico Results In Changes To Looming Trade Dispute

"We agreed to review their proposal closely and follow up with questions or concerns," said Tai and Vilsack in a joint statement.

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The Ag Analyst’s Briefing: Week of Dec. 19 Watchlist

In the Agri-food Executive Briefing for the week, seven items are highlighted on 'the watchlist':

Did You Know? 5 Rounds of Tire Trivia

Many people ignore tires as long as they aren’t flat. Here are some facts to help tires stay round.

Change in Direction: Corteva’s Digital Future

After joining Corteva Agriscience over a year ago, Brian Lutz, vice president of agricultural solutions, is leading his team to make directional changes in their business.

Unspoken Truths About Pests: Stinkbugs

Stink bugs are best known for their stench when squashed. However, the insect is gaining more notoriety in the Midwest for another reason — their love of soybeans.

Beyond the Buzz: Land Values, Fundamentals and New Services

Clayton Becker has taken on a new role as president at Farmers National Company (FNC) since October 2021. He shares his outlook for the company, the role of farm managers, and the future of land values.

Brandt Creates Leadership Positions, Announces Promotions

In total, six members of Team Brandt, all in Brandt’s Agronomic Services organization, are being promoted as of January 1, 2023. 

CoBank 2023 Report: 11 Sectors Effecting the Rural Economy

CoBank has released its outlook for 2023.

Is the Great Financial Reset Now Underway?

The latest CPI shows that while inflation may be slowing, it still remains above the Fed's target. As inflation impacts farmers across their operation, Dan Basse looks at some of the concerns as farmers head into 2023.

Research Demonstrates Cover Crops as Carbon Negative

Cover crops sequestered nearly three times as much greenhouse gas as the check fields. And acres with cover crops were carbon negative

Growmark Board of Directors Elects New Chairman

Kevin Malchine of Waterford, Wisconsin will serve as chairman effective immediately.

How to Combat Soil’s Silent Yield Robbers

Sudden density changes block root growth and water movement.

AGCO Names 2022 Operator of The Year

Patrick Hoefling of Nutrien Ag Solutions and Odebolt, IA was named the 2022 recipient. 

Congress Finally Reports Progress in the Omnibus Spending Bill

The agreement will allow lawmakers to spend the coming week hashing out specific spending levels for each federal agency as well as what legislative items they will attach to the bill, likely including ag aid.

Much like Beijing's Forbidden City is off limits without the emperor's permission, U.S. beef hasn't had permission to enter China in 14 years. But trade relations with China appear to be changing.
China to Hold Economic, COVID-19 Policy Meetings this Week, Following an Ease on Restrictions

“There is a problem with people thinking the pullback of Covid-zero measures is equivalent to the economy reopening, which it is not." says Leland Miller, CEO of research firm China Beige Book.

Certis Biologicals Continues To Build Out Its Business

“Biologicals are gaining momentum on a daily basis,” says Mike Allan with Certis Biologicals.

The New Fertilizer Relay: In-Furrow and 2x2 Combo Keeps Corn Happy to Knee-High

For years farmers have focused on banding starter fertilizer 2x2 at planting — 2" over and 2" below the seed. While the process works, delivering nutrition to a plant’s roots sooner might be worth the effort. 

Iowa Land Values Jump to a Record High

When adjusting for inflation, the 2022 average value surpassed the previous inflation-adjusted record set in 2013.

Climate Corp
Soil Health a Priority in Latest USDA Climate Funding

Funding will be drawn from the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), a development that has caught lawmakers’ attention.

French Insect-Based Ingredients Maker Ynsect Expands in North America

French company Ynsect has signed deals to build insect ingredient production sites in the U.S. and in Mexico as the firm kicks off what it says will be the world's largest insect farm.

Novozymes and Chr. Hansen To Merge

“The combination of two strategically complementary companies with a shared purpose and advanced capabilities will show the world the true power of biosolutions,” Ester Baiget, President and CEO of Novozymes.

Sub-Acre Profit Equation: Ensure Each Acre Earns Its Keep

Make sure each acre earns its spot on your farm roster.

Rebates May Increase Taxable Income

At least one major farm input company is stating that rebates are not taxable income. This is incorrect for most farmers. We go over the details.

The Night Devastation Hit: Recounting Stories from the Mayfield Tornado One Year Later

With some structures still standing but severely damaged, with just yards away other buildings barely touched, the calculus of destruction to this rural town was cruelly selective.

Recipe for High Yields: NCGA Yield Contest Winner Says the Ingredient List is Long

​​​​​​​Every year farmers push the yield envelope on their farm.  The agronomic approach is different for every farmer, but an NCGA Yield Contest winner has some advice.

Kentucky Farmers and Ag Industry Still Cleaning Up a Year After December 10 Tornado

Damage remains along the tornado's 220-mile path nearly a year after the deadly tornado tore through Mayfield, Kentucky. Farmers and ag businesses are still working to restore their operations.

FMC Corporation and Micropep Technologies Collaborate To Develop Bio-Herbicides

Under an exclusive multi-year agreement, the partnership will focus on developing new solutions for controlling key herbicide-resistant weeds in corn and soybeans.

AMVAC Releases Its 2023 Corn Rootworm Outlook

Will U.S. corn growers face corn rootworm CRW pressures in 2023 comparable to what they've experienced in recent years?

Ceres Solutions' Crops 63 Wins The Scoop’s Business Innovation Award

In its first year, the award program received a strong pool of applications. The program will continue with EFC Systems by Ever.Ag for 2023 and 2024. Applications will open soon.

Southern Border Crisis Might Shift Following Biden's Latest Move on Title 42

Officials have been bracing for an influx of migrants when the authority lifts on Dec. 21. The Dept. of Homeland Security is projecting 14,000 migrants may then attempt to cross the U.S. southern border per day.

IFCA Launches Illinois Ag Retail Survey

A percentage of ag retail facilities will be randomly selected to participate every year, with liaisons traveling to these selected facilities in the months of January through March to conduct the survey.

Corn Management: Meet Your Hybrids’ Needs

Some hybrids require nitrogen early, some require it late.

Farm Manager of the Year: Built to Serve As a Bridge

The 2022 Professional Farm Manager of the Year is Skye Root, which is a recognition from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and sponsored by Syngenta with support from The Scoop.

Food Price Inflation: Not Unprecedented but Definitely Unusual

Are you experiencing stress in your budget? A recent consumer survey shows almost everybody said ‘yes’ and food is at the top of the list of items in the household budget that are creating the most stress.

FieldWatch Releases First Impact Report

"While we have collected data about the adoption of FieldWatch registries since their launch, this is the first attempt to formalize it in a report showing progress since 2016," said Bob Walters, FieldWatch CEO

Sound Agriculture Raises $75 Million Series D

SOURCE has seen rapid adoption since its launch in 2020, with 4.3x growth in 2022 and use on more than one million U.S. acres.

AgGateway Launches Three-Stop Roadshow in 2023

AgGateway is planning a three-stop Connectivity Roadshow in the year ahead. Here’s a list of the event dates and locations...

Certis Biologicals Adds Leadership to Strengthen Innovation Pipeline

To meet the rising demand of biological crop protection, Certis Biologicals today announced that it is strengthening its innovation pipeline by naming Mike Allan Vice President of Business Development and Licensing.

Dept. of Interior Scopes Out New Solar Locations in the West Amid Off-Shore Wind Lease Auction

International Energy Agency sees an extra 2,400 gigawatts of capacity coming online worldwide over the next five years, with renewables surpassing coal as the largest source of global power generation by 2025.

New CEO To Lead Ag Resource Management

Founded in 2009, Ag Resource Management (ARM) is a specialty finance company bringing financial solutions and crop insurance to farmers and agribusinesses.

Young Farmer Makes History, Uses Video Games and YouTube to Buy $1.8M Land

Who buys farmland for $1.8 million with video game money? Iowa’s Grant Hilbert made history as the first person to break into farming via video games.

ARA Honors Tim McArdle with Lifetime Achievement Award

“Tim’s quest to support our industry did not end when he retired from his role as chief operating officer at Brandt Consolidated,” says ARA President and CEO Daren Coppock.

ARA Recognizes Gary Vogen with Distinguished Service Award

“Gary has served on the ARA Board of Directors for several years and acts as an insightful resource when the ARA policy team reaches out for input to inform our advocacy efforts on a variety of issues."

ARA Concludes Annual Conference and Expo

On Dec. 1, the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) concluded its annual Conference & Expo with a keynote speaker, a panel of ag retail executives and an off-site tour of the USS Midway.

Rail Strike Derailed as Biden Signs Labor Bill

According to Biden’s economic advisors, as many as 765,000 Americans — many union workers themselves — would have been put out of work in the first two weeks of shutdowns.

ARA Celebrates 2022 Rising Stars

The Rising Stars program, sponsored by Atticus, is a meaningful way for ARA member companies to nominate emerging leaders to be recognized for their work and to explore new ways to hone their leadership skills.

China Gives Signal it May Adjust its Stringent Zero-COVID Policy, Sparking New Wave of Protests

The top official in charge of China’s COVID-19 response told health officials Wednesday that the country faced a “new stage and mission” in pandemic controls.