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Why Are Some Ag Retailers Sitting on High Fertilizer Prices? Making Sense of the Disparity Right Now

Fertilizer and herbicide prices continue to fall, and there are signs the decline will continue. Now the issue is the number of ag retailers sitting on high-priced inputs, which are often passed on to farmers.

John Phipps: If China Sides With Russia, The Move Could Cost U.S. Farmers Beyond Trade

Russia badly needs to replace expended and outdated Soviet arms while China needs Russian energy. That is compelling math. This is bad news not just for the heroic people of Ukraine, but Europe and the US.

What Ag Equipment Parts Are In the Shortest Supply Right Now?

The National Farm Machinery Show revealed one major theme: the supply chain is still posing major problems for ag equipment manufacturers, an issue that's improving, but could still last the remainder of this year.

What's The Biggest Supply Chain Headache Crippling Equipment Manufacturers Right Now?

Supply chain challenges consistently hit ag in 2022.  While 2023 shows improvement with fertilizer availability, National Farm Machinery Show revealed the ag equipment sector is still fragile to supply problems.

Are You Worried About Glufosinate Supplies in 2023? Good News. There Isn't a Shortage This Year

As farmers prepare to plant this spring, 2023 isn’t as much of a guessing game in terms of certain inputs supplies. BASF says the company isn’t seeing a shortage of glufosinate this year.

Signs Growing that the Global Supply Chain Crisis is Over

From the docks of Southern California and Europe to the parcel hubs in the Midwest and the store shelves in New York, signs are growing that the global supply chain crisis is over.

Much like Beijing's Forbidden City is off limits without the emperor's permission, U.S. beef hasn't had permission to enter China in 14 years. But trade relations with China appear to be changing.
China to Hold Economic, COVID-19 Policy Meetings this Week, Following an Ease on Restrictions

“There is a problem with people thinking the pullback of Covid-zero measures is equivalent to the economy reopening, which it is not." says Leland Miller, CEO of research firm China Beige Book.

Shippers Note ‘Notoriously Difficult’ Railroads During Latest Hearing

Shippers urged the U.S. railroad regulator to create more competition in the industry during hearings in which Union Pacific was called to explain a spike in service restrictions.

Rail Strike Derailed as Biden Signs Labor Bill

According to Biden’s economic advisors, as many as 765,000 Americans — many union workers themselves — would have been put out of work in the first two weeks of shutdowns.

Congress “Likely” to Pass a Rail Deal this Week, According to Soy Transportation Coalition’s Steenhoek

Pelosi said the House this week will “take up a bill adopting the tentative agreement—with no poison pills or changes to the negotiated terms—and send it to the Senate.” Some industry leaders feel it will pass.

Rail Strike Averted Until Dec. 4, Saving U.S. $2 Billion Per Day

Unions are arguing railroads haven't done enough to address worker concerns, largely surrounding working conditions and paid time off.

Is the U.S. Now Officially in a Recession?

Friday brought mixed news for the economy. So, is the U.S. officially in a recession? K-State economists say it's more important to watch changes in behaviors versus debating the definition of recession.

Possible U.S. Rail Strike Now Back On the Table

A labor strike along U.S. railroads is still a possibility after the third-largest railroad union rejected a tentative labor agreement this week. The agreement had the support of the White House.

How Long Could Supply Chain Problems Persist For Farmers? John Deere Weighs In

Transportation troubles have plagued agriculture all year, and experts say supply chain problems could persist through 2023 for farmers, which is unwelcome news for farmers already seeing problems sourcing parts.

Major Weather Factors Combine to Put Fertilizer Prices and Availability in Question

Low Mississippi River water levels are a concern for moving inputs like fertilizer. The worry comes as Florida, a key fertilizer-producing state, cleans up after Hurricane Ian. What will the fertilizer price impact be?

USDA Is Now Sending Out $500 Million to Fight High Fertilizer Prices in the U.S.

USDA unveiled additional plans to help boost domestic fertilizer production including $500 million in grants and reduce the risk of a series of black swans that have flown into the fertilizer market the past two years.

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U.S., China Container Shipping Rates Plummet 50%, Backlog of Unfilled Orders Grows

As backlogs at U.S. ports and climbing shipping rates plague the supply chain, new data shows container shipping rates between the U.S and China are dropping by more than 50% in  just a month.