Latest News From Crop Protection

Helena’s Two New Brands With A Sustainability Focus

The company says these new products balance crop production needs with environmental stewardship to increase yields responsibly and efficiently.

Albaugh Acquires Corteva’s Glyphosate Business

Albaugh previously acquired Corteva's glyphosate business in Europe. With this latest acquisition, the company will expand its coverage of straight glyphosate DMA salt formulations and registrations globally.

Four New Crop Protection Products From Corteva Agriscience

Corteva introduces three herbicides and one biological to be added to its lineup of crop protection products.

Texas Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Ag Retailer in Drift Case

ARA was part of an amicus brief in this case and wrote a letter to the Supreme Court of Texas in August 2021 requesting it take on the case.

Over-The-Top Dicamba Cutoff Dates For 2023 Are Set

With two recent announcements the EPA has approved labels for over-the-top dicamba applications (XtendiMax, Engenia and Tavium herbicides) in 2023 in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Bill Anderson to Become CEO of Bayer

Bill Anderson, most recently the head of Roche's pharmaceuticals division, will succeed Werner Baumann as chief executive at Germany's Bayer on June 1.

Warden CX II Soybean Seed Treatment Receives EPA Approval

“Warden CX II is built from the same formulation growers and retailers have come to know and trust through years of proven performance,” said Joe Rickard, crop protection product manager, WinField United.

Emerging Corn Can Overcome Adverse Conditions With Ascend2

“PGRs act like a steroid for corn plants, helping increase yield and optimize ROI for growers by combatting the impact of adverse growing conditions,” said Jon Zuk, crop protection product manager, WinField United.

NuWay-K&H Cooperative Offers Selective Spraying Via Greeneye Technology System

NuWay-K&H will use the Greeneye system to offer selective spraying-as-a-service initially to its farmer members in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Growers Launches App, Expands Its Pilot Ahead of Schedule

The app was launched on Dec. 1, and the company says while its launch was intentionally kept quiet, its growth and usage rate in the first month have propelled the company to bump up the expansion plans. 

AMVAC GreenSolutions Surpasses 1.2 Million Acres Treated in 2022

GreenSolutions biological product portfolio supports North American growers

Change in Direction: Corteva’s Digital Future

After joining Corteva Agriscience over a year ago, Brian Lutz, vice president of agricultural solutions, is leading his team to make directional changes in their business.

Product Intros Highlight The Future of Meristem Crop Performance

“This is an efficiency play. It’s a better way of doing it. It’s the future of Meristem,” says Peter Rousonelos, VP Business Development at Meristem.

AMVAC Releases Its 2023 Corn Rootworm Outlook

Will U.S. corn growers face corn rootworm CRW pressures in 2023 comparable to what they've experienced in recent years?

Amazon Settles for Nearly $5 Million in California Pesticide Case

Violations included Amazon selling unregistered pesticides in California, failing to report and pay required mill assessment fees, and failing to hold a valid pesticide broker’s license.

8 Things to Know About the FTC Suing Syngenta and Corteva

 The companies say their pricing structures and practices were within the law. 

Syngenta’s New Tool Uses Satellites, Algorithms to Find Nematodes In Soybean Fields

First being launched in Brazil, Syngenta is bringing a new way to battle nematodes, which can cause up to 30% yield loses.

What Corteva Leaders Say About The Future of Seed, Crop Protection and Digital Ag

10 things top executives had to say about their vision for Corteva in the near future.

3 Things Every Ag Retailer Should Know About Adjuvants

“A lot of people will say that the current market for adjuvants is only about 20 to 25% of the addressable market,” Terry Kippley says. “I think adjuvants are often neglected or they’re forgotten.”

Ag Aviation: 5 Trends Carrying the Industry Forward

“Although it’s a mature industry—it’s a progressive one,” says Andrew Moore, CEO of the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA).

Valent BioSciences Announces Significant R&D Investments

A major expansion is planned for the Biorational Research Center in Libertyville, Illinois.

New Plant Health Business: Biologicals by FMC

Since 2013, FMC has built a biologicals business with more than 50 biological products offering protection for multiple high-value specialty crops and row crops across 50 countries.

New Adjuvant In the Mix Brings Tech from Medical Industry

When introducing Hydrovant, the team at Corbet Scientific says it aims to bring a whole new category of adjuvants to the market.

Atticus Expands Into Turf, Ornamental and More with EcoCore

In late July, Atticus announced EcoCore, an expanding portfolio of pest management products serving a growing number of markets including turf and ornamental, greenhouse and nursery, vegetation management and aquatic.

Syngenta and Atticus Settle Azoxystrobin Lawsuit

Both parties agree that valid intellectual property rights are important to the industry and should be respected. Atticus will continue to offer for sale its azoxystrobin products.

FMC Expands Biological Portfolio with Acquisition of Pheromone Company

First commercial sales of the FMC pheromone products will be launched as early as 2024. BioPhero has five products in its pipeline with launch dates in the next five years.

Exclusive: Is the Amazon of Agriculture Already Here?

Supply chain issues and concerns about sourcing inputs for the 2022 growing season prompted more farmers to try e-commerce for pricing inputs this year as FBN says their website saw an uptick in traffic and sales.

Wilbur-Ellis Invests In Autonomous Spray Drone Technology

Guardian Agriculture just partnered with Wilbur-Ellis to rollout what it calls the first fully autonomous crop protection aircraft system.

Right Now: Top of Mind Challenges for Ag Retail Leaders

Brett Bruggeman says their business starts with the customer, and he’s a believer in segmentation as such identifying customers by appetite to growth, transparency with data, and willingness to advocate.

Supply: You’re a Hero If You Have It, A Zero When You Don’t

Forecasting the demand and facilitating the flow of crop inputs has changed the way these businesses are operating. 

USDA Extends Comment Period for Competition Challenges in Ag

Three requests for information were published by the Federal Register. The requests outlined information about competition in regard to producers’ access to fertilizer, seed and ag inputs, as well as food retail.

Farmers and applicators should check state rules before applying the product
13 Reminders To Reduce Spray Drift

“Drift can never be eliminated; however, it can be minimized if pesticides are applied under favorable weather conditions and by adopting proven drift reduction strategies,” says IFCA.

When and Where Applications: The Rise of the Sprayer Drone

Apply product when and where you need it at the optimum rate.

Next Chapter For Biological Development at Bayer

Bayer announced it will close the joint venture created between Leaps by Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks in 2017. And moving forward, Ginkgo Bioworks will become a multi-year microbial strategic partner with Bayer.

John Deere Enters Joint Venture with Autonomous Sprayer Company

GUSS is based in Kingsburg, California and has engineered a semi-autonomous orchard and vineyard sprayer.

Soybean Seed Treatments Can Be ‘Low-Hanging Fruit for Yields’

Not every product will deliver a positive return-on-investment. But some will and are worth trying out on your farm this season--especially if you're planting early soybeans, says Illinois Sales Agronomist Kris Ehler.

The “Intel Inside” of Biologicals

This one-on-one with a leader in the biologicals industry details what's next for this growing market.

Bioherbicide Developed For This Century, With Resistance in Its Crosshairs

A non-selective contact herbicide, Harpe targets multiple sites of action including plant cell and organelle membranes. The products have multiple modes of action.

Anti-Competitive Conduct Fails To Meet Threshold In FBN Inquiry

The formal inquiry by the Canadian Competition Bureau started in October 2019.

3 Changes to Dicamba Label in Iowa and Minnesota

In 2021, the agency reported it received 3,500 dicamba-related incident reports, including approximately 711 incidents in Minnesota and 528 incidents in Iowa.

Bayer Announces Stoppage of ‘Non-Essential’ Business in Russia and Belarus

The company said: “More than two weeks have passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From the outset, we have utterly condemned this brutal aggression against a sovereign country."

Certis Introduces Stepwise Change For Bionematicide

The new MeloCon LC formulation offers: > Lower use rate > Easier storage with improved shelf life > Application flexibility

Belarus Potash Miner Declares Force Majeure

DEVELOPING: There's a new issue getting inputs after the only potash mine in Belarus declared a force majeure.

One Black Swan Avoided For Glyphosate Supplies

“Last week—out of the blue—we found out the tariff codes for imported glyphosate acid were changed by Presidential proclamation as part of updating the HRS codes for 2022,” says Mike Massey with Ragan & Massey.

More Possibilities In One Pass: Prescriptive Delivery System

New products are unlocking even more potential in what can be delivered in the planting pass.

SIMPAS Adds Two Products In Its Applied Solutions Portfolio

Multiple products (which currently spans insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, and micronutrients) can be applied simultaneously.

Certis Biologicals Introduces MeloCon LC To Fight Yield-Robbing Nematodes

The liquid formula provides greater convenience in storage, handling and tank-mixing and allows for application flexibility when fumigant and conventional chemistries cannot be applied.

All-In-One Soybean Inoculant

Delivering its biological payload via an easy-to-handle, single-liquid bladder, Lallemand’s LALFIX ProYield Liquid Soybean provides multi-action inoculation for soybeans.

2021 Was Just a Warmup For 2022’s Crop Protection Market

Randy Canady, CEO at Atticus, agrees saying that 2021’s challenges were just a warmup for the market dynamics in 2022.

Just What the Industry Needed: Wide Window for Fall Applications

Jeff Tarsi credits the successful fall application across the Nutrien Ag Solutions retail footprint for lessening the potential pressure of the upcoming spring season.