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How Low Will it Go? Harvest Barge Traffic Slows Due to Low River Levels

Harvest progress is up, but river levels are down. South of St. Louis, parts of the Mississippi River are so low from weeks of drought that barge traffic is being limited.

What Would a Neutral Weather Pattern Mean for Harvest?

UNL says heavy rains across the nation this week may have eased the drought conditions in the short-term, but they won’t be enough for the long run.

Is ‘Tornado Alley’ Expanding East?

Science suggests "Tornado Alley" may be expanding

‘Dual Rainstorm Track’ Forecast for Now through Early April

The good news is some parched areas are likely to see some rainfall soon. The potential downside: some areas that don't need rain may get some, too.

August Provides Brief Break from Heat, Meteorologist Says Much of U.S. Should Brace for Mild Fall

July proved to be a scorcher in the West, but the weather story flipped to start August, with much of the eastern half of the country enjoying cooler and dryer air during the first few days of the month.

Parking Planters and Culling Cows: Early, Harsh Realities of North Dakota’s Growing Drought

North Dakota just endured its driest September to March ever on record. On Thursday, Governor Doug Burgum declared a state of emergency due to drought. Farmers are now forced to make tough decisions, early.

Weather: Cool Down Coming

The country’s mid-section is experiencing nice, warm temperatures for fall. It may not last for long.

With a strengthening La Nina, NOAA says the weather this winter will favor warmer and drier conditions across much of the southern tier of states, but the opposite for the North.
NOAA'S Winter Outlook is a Headache For Farmers Already Dealing with Drought

It could be a dry winter in the South and a wetter than normal winter in the North, according to NOAA's latest winter forecast. Nebraska state climatologist says she's concerned about soil moisture heading into spring.