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Applicators to Reap Benefits from $15 Million Investment by EPA

EPA is looking to evolve the existing chemical licensing program to offer more education and training in restricted use pesticides.

USDA’s Cover Crop Program Would be Made Permanent through Biden's Budget

To put cover crop investments in motion, NRCS would draw on federal, state and private conservationists to hire “thousands” of employees for rural America.

Sulfur in Soybeans: Learn How Precise Applications Pay in Yield

Missy Bauer, Farm Journal field agronomist, has found adding a dry ammonium sulfate at V3 or V4 growth stages can make the most significant impact on yields in soils with less organic matter.

Farm Bureau Finds 2022 Weather Disasters Amounted to $21 Billion in Crop Losses

Farm Bureau finds 2022 weather events added up to 18 weather and climate disasters, each with damages exceeding $1 billion. 

US Nears USMCA Dispute With Mexico Concerning GMO Corn

By requesting consultations, the U.S. Trade Representative began a process to come to a settlement on ag biotechnology imports to Mexico. If a settlement is not reached, the issue will move to a full-blown trade dispute.

Will Bird Flu Become a Recurring Issue Each Year?

Egg prices peaked in December at around $5.43, then decreased 52% to $2.61 per dozen in February thanks to bird flu. Some speculate this could become a trend based on a hypothesis in how the disease is transmitted.

EPA’s Year-Round E15 Proposed Rule Pushes Sales into 2024

"This proposal, while well-intended, still leaves the country with a patchwork of regulations that prevents the nation’s driving public from enjoying the full benefits of biofuels," said Sen. Deb Fischer.

Tar Spot Found to Thrive on High-Humidity Days

Before planting even starts, diseases are likely on soil residue. That includes tar spot. While many believe rainfall and temperatures are key tar spot drivers, Agronomist Missy Bauer says there's a third indicator.

Top 10 Charts from the Kickoff of USDA's Ag Outlook Forum

Despite weather trends, planting projections for 2023 find corn, wheat and soybeans similar to 2022, for a combined 228 million acres—a 3% increase from 2022.

How Long Does it Take to Write a Farm Bill?

The House will take the reins in writing farm bill 2023. House Ag Chairman Thompson says the pen is “firmly” in his hand, with few tweaks to be made from 2018. The Senate says their version is nearly complete.

Producers Eliminate Fungicide and Insecticide Use, Cut Fertilizer 50%

To combat volatile weather, mitigate rising input costs and meet agronomic goals, producers are making choices geared toward soil health. Here are insights and tips from three of those producers.

The Cost of a Farm Bill: 2023 Row Crop Priorities

The 2018 farm bill was stamped with a $428 billon price tag when passed. With the bill set to expire on Sept. 30, here’s a breakdown of the topics ag groups look to push on the negotiating table.

House Reps Push for Seed Tech and Autonomy in 2024 Budget

In hopes of solidifying American ag’s competitive role in global markets, 27 House members signed a letter to the White House, stressing the importance of ag research investments in the 2024 budget.

How to Tackle Tar Spot In 2023

As you pencil out your crop management plan for this year, assess your risk for tar spot. Then, be proactive.

DOE Cuts $118 Million Check to Biofuels Projects

“The funds awarded today by the DOE will undoubtedly accelerate the innovations taking place at U.S. ethanol plants, opening new opportunities for low-cost, low-carbon energy,” says Growth Energy's Emily Skor.

SHIP IT Act Could Save Truck Drivers Up to $10,000 and Cover CDL Costs

Reps. Dusty Johnson and Jim Costa on Tuesday introduced the Safer Highways and Increased Performance for Interstate Trucking (SHIP IT) Act to expand the trucking workforce and offer flexibility in times of need.

No, Wyoming Isn't Looking to Ban Electric Vehicles...Yet

Sen. Anderson introduced a resolution last Friday aimed at phasing out electric vehicle sales in Wyoming by 2035. The resolution was referred to the state's minerals committee, who tabled it until 2024.

Ag Groups File Lawsuit to Challenge EPA's "Vague" New WOTUS Definition

Farm Bureau's Duvall says the rule puts farmers and ranchers in a position where they will have to hire lawyers and consultants to establish the boundaries of farming.

Break Free from the Winter Blues: 2 Steps to Keep Seasonal Depression at Bay

It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, winter or fall, weather is always on producers’ minds. While slower seasons can offer relief, winter can drain emotional batteries. Here are two steps to help find relief.

Four Ag Topics Discussed in Mexico City During USMCA Meetings

Mexican President López Obrador hosted President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau this week to discuss everything from methane reduction to the U.S./Mexico border wall.

Senate Ag Committee Chairwoman Will Not Run for Office in 2024

“For the next two years, I am intensely focused on… leading the passage of the next five-year Farm Bill, which determines our nation’s food and agriculture policies," says Sen. Stabenow.

Policy and Payments: What Producers Can Expect in 2023

ERP Phase Two is likely to be announced by USDA in coming weeks, according to Jim Wiesemeyer. In a farm bill year, he says there might be more opportunities to capture additional profit.

2023 Weather Outlook: Ready the Snowplow

Be ready for a colder and snowier winter versus recent years.

What's in it for Ag in the New Spending Bill?

The House on Friday averted a government shutdown by voting 225 to 201 in favor of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023—the omnibus spending bill. Here's what's in it for ag.

Senate Confirms Alexis Taylor as USDA Trade Under Secretary

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Alexis Taylor for Under Secretary of Agriculture for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs. According to Taylor, her priorities include addressing export markets and food insecurity.

Ag Commodities Transformed into New Bioproducts

Soybean oil, food waste and leftover feedstocks and manure will be turned into bioproducts like asphalt and plastic, thanks to a USDA program aimed at increasing U.S. competition in global markets.

Water Resources Bill Reauthorized with a Component that Will Impact Producers

The Fertilizer Institute applauded the passage of the legislation, which it dubbed an “integral” component of the fertilizer distribution system.

U.S.'s "Candid" GMO Corn Conversation With Mexico Results In Changes To Looming Trade Dispute

"We agreed to review their proposal closely and follow up with questions or concerns," said Tai and Vilsack in a joint statement.

Unspoken Truths About Pests: Stinkbugs

Stink bugs are best known for their stench when squashed. However, the insect is gaining more notoriety in the Midwest for another reason — their love of soybeans.

Research in Ag-Tech Top-Of-Mind in Farm Bill Hearing

“We rely on the support of farm bill funding and programs to ensure continued U.S. leadership as the provider of the best seed to the world," said Katy Rainey, Purdue associate professor, at the Senate Ag hearing.

Rail Strike Derailed as Biden Signs Labor Bill

According to Biden’s economic advisors, as many as 765,000 Americans — many union workers themselves — would have been put out of work in the first two weeks of shutdowns.

Farm Share of the U.S. Food Dollar Hit a Record Low; What Does this Mean for Producers?

Data released by USDA on Monday shows the farm share of the U.S. food dollar hit an all-time low in 2021. However, USDA says the decrease doesn’t necessarily mean producers are making less.

Renewable Fuel's Big Week: EPA's RFS Proposal And Year-Round E15 Legislation

Proposed renewable fuel volume targets, electric vehicle's seat at the RFS table and year-round E15 odds: Here's everything you need to know about renewable fuel's big week on The Hill.

Rep. G.T. Thompson Lists His 3 Farm Bill Objectives

Thompson is gearing up to replace Rep. Scott as the House Ag chairman in Jan. With his new title in tow, Thompson will be working alongside current Senate Ag Chairwoman Stabenow to pass farm bill 2023. 

Ag and Oil Industries Get Methane Makeover to Reach New Emissions Goal by 2030

EPA says the proposals would collectively reduce 36 million tons of methane emissions between 2023 and 2035, which it says is almost the equivalent of GHG emissions emitted from all U.S. coal power plants in 2020.

Foreign Carriers Offered Loophole to Leave U.S. Ports Without Goods, Despite Active Legislation

Congressmen who penned the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 are calling on the Federal Maritime Commission to mend the gap and provide "reasonable opportunities" for U.S. exporters to get their goods to foreign markets.

EPA's Small Refinery Exemption Data Under Fire by U.S. Accountability Office

The GAO study released on Thursday found small oil refineries pay more than larger competitors to fulfill their blending obligations, showing EPA's reason to deny refinery exemption petitions is inaccurate.

China Cites U.S. Ag for Why It's Chosen Not to Invade Taiwan

“In the last 2,500 years, every Chinese government that has fallen, has fallen over food,” says Kuehl, Armada chief economist. “They need those import markets—be it from the U.S, Canada, Brazil or Australia."

Chiropractor Makes Field Visits to Help Farmers Find Relief

Need a chiropractic adjustment but can’t make it to the office? Ask your doctor to come to the field. Dr. Blake Wayson hauls his portable adjustment table to the field to help farmers find relief in the busy seasons.

National 4-H Unveils Plans for Its $50 Million Donation

After six months of “extensive” input from industry leaders, the council has decided, over the course of the next five years, $10 million will be dedicated to workforce and program development plans.

How Prop 12 Could Impact Crop and Livestock Producers

“If California were to win this Supreme Court case, there’s nothing stopping the state from saying, for example, you can only sell corn in California if it’s harvested with an electric combine,” says Dillard.

5 Conservation Needs to be Met in Farm Bill 2023

In preparation for farm bill 2023, the House Ag Committee met on Tuesday to grasp the highs and lows of the current farm bill and fill any gaps in 2023.

Shipping Container Rates Down 63%, But We're a Long Way From Back to Normal Operations

Have the Pacific Coast port bottleneck issues been resolved, or moved somewhere else? The East Coast may now be carrying the burden.

3 Ag Investments in the Latest Biotech Executive Order

An executive order on biotech and biomanufacturing was signed into law by President Biden on Tuesday. The order tasks Secy. Vilsack with reporting how the initiative can best benefit ag, but some funds are spoken for.

How USDA's $2.8 Billion Climate-Smart Investment Might Impact Your Operation

According to Secretary Vilsack, these efforts will “increase the competitive advantage of U.S. agriculture both domestically and internationally,” while building wealth in rural America.

Purdue Predicts a 5% Increase in Farmland Cash Rental Rates in 2023

Farmland and input price jumps in 2022 continue to be top-of-mind for producers as they look to 2023. Interest in carbon sequestration has also spiked. Here's a look at the latest Ag Barometer with Purdue's Jim Mintert.

More than Hangry: What’s Really at Stake in Global Food Insecurity?

Empty dinner plates can quickly translate to lack of world peace. Just ask Sen. Ernst, who gave a political rundown of food security as national security at Iowa State University last week.

3 Supply Chain Trends to Look Out for in 2023, According To AEM

“Friend shoring means that, rather than just bringing everything [manufacturing] back to the U.S., which is feasible, let’s make sure our supply chains are with countries that are friendly to us,” Heidelberg says.

Pro Farmer Crop Tour, Day 4: Saved the Best Crop Conditions for Last

Soybeans took a hit in Minnesota, which was the western leg's trend this year. Corn showed more kernel depth and yield on both routes.

Here’s How Farmers Are Using USDA's $121 Million for Rural Development

We often hear about government funding but little about how it is actually being used. These 289 projects funded by the USDA will cover everything from solar arrays to grain dryers.