ClearShot Technology Approved by DOT For New Water in Ammonia Testing

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued an approval to use ClearShot technology as a faster, safer and more accurate method to determine water content in anhydrous ammonia. This is a DOT regulated measurement to ensure shipping safety. ClearShot technology was developed by Orono Spectral Solutions (OSS).

 “In the development of this new method, OSS responded to industry requests to improve upon a time consuming and outdated method that plagued the industry with fiscal and safety drawbacks. The new test method using ClearShot technology, requiring only 20 minutes to generate a result, is an alternative method to the current process that requires several hours to perform,” said Dean Smith, OSS Vice President of Engineering. “This new method, which is based on Green Chemistry principles, gives a manufacturer the ability to quickly and accurately issue a Certificate of Analysis for water content for each shipment and will help production facilities operate with maximum efficiency and at higher profit margins.”

ClearShot technology can also enable a manufacturer to maximize water content within the product specification range with more frequent testing capability. Furthermore, laboratory technician safety is dramatically improved as ammonia samples are more safely obtained and smaller ammonia sample size is required for testing.

This is the first alternative water in ammonia test method approved by the US DOT. Used in combination with OSS’ oil in ammonia test method, the result is a comprehensive Green Chemistry approach for Anhydrous Ammonia product testing.


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