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Is $620 Per Acre Cash Rent an Anomaly or the New Norm?

If cash rent leases are negotiated via auction, Jim Rothermich is seeing prices drawing double – even triple digit gains. In Illinois, prices are up 90% to 120% compared to the previous year.

NAICC: How We Guide Growers in 2023

As agricultural advisers, our job is to assist growers in making educated decisions about the 2023 crop, so choose wisely.

Beyond Capitol Hill: How ARA Can Help You

So much in agriculture is changing—from regulations to developing technology to new crop input practices.

Will Farmland Prices Finally Cool?

Record farmland sales stole headlines throughout 2022. Will 2023 be a repeat in market strength?

Will Electric Vehicles Actually Drive Down Prices at the Pump?

Has U.S. gasoline demand peaked? And what will more electric vehicles mean for gasoline prices down the road? John Phipps looks into the issue in John's World.

The Ag Analyst’s Briefing: Week of February 6 Watchlist

And with last week’s strong job’s report acting as an “all clear signal” for the Fed to remain hawkish, forget the “hard“ vs. “soft” landing debate, and think “long landing.”

Super Bowl Snack Price Report: Cheaper Chicken Wings, More Avocados

“People are concerned about food inflation right now,” says Dr. Michael Swanson, Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist. "Some premier celebration foods have actually dropped from a year ago."

Hung Up on ESG And Your Value Proposition: You Don't Have To Be A Leader, Be A Fast Follower

It’s a big idea with far-reaching implications for ag retail—the environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework.

Case IH Celebrates 100 Years of the Farmall Tractor

In honor of a century of milestones, such as the world’s first diesel row crop tractor and the first tractor to ever reach 5 million sold, Case IH will give away a new Farmall tractor in 2023.

How to Tackle Tar Spot In 2023

As you pencil out your crop management plan for this year, assess your risk for tar spot. Then, be proactive.

Who Can Even Legally Buy Farmland in the U.S.?

Much ink and many pixels have been wasted, in my opinion, on rants about people other than U.S. farmers owning farmland. Surprisingly, critics are just as hard on wealthy Americans as foreigners.

Costs And Benefits Of Back-To-Back Corn or Soybeans

High input costs, excessive disease pressure or commodity prices — any of these factors could be pushing you to plant back-to-back corn or back-to-back soybeans. 

Stepped-Up Basis Leaning in Favor of Rural America on House Ways and Means Panel

With Republicans now in control of the House, Rep. RandyFeenstra (R-Iowa) said he wants to introduce legislation shielding the stepped-up basis and like-kind exchanges.

2023 Corn and Soybean Market Outlook: Bulls Versus Bears

Corn and soybean prices hit 10-year highs in 2022, creating exceptional returns to row crop producers. Will 2023 be a repeat or will prices shift lower?

Owning Farmland Is Now Cool, Even If You Don't Farm

For those in agriculture, owning farmland has long been viewed as a symbol of status and wealth. Now, even individuals who don’t farm are jumping on board, looking to buy farmland.

FDA Looks to Consolidate its Food Policy and Regulation Divisions

The revamped foods program would absorb the functions of Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and the Office of Food Policy and Response, as well as some of the work of the Office of Regulatory Affairs.

Will Ag's "Technical Debt" Lead to A Southwest-Type Meltdown?

When one takes off agriculture’s rose-colored glasses, the reality is much of the industry’s technology has been held together with digital duct tape and baling wire.

United Airlines Taps Corn to Bring Ethanol-Based Jet Fuel to Market

United Airlines is teaming up with a corn ethanol maker in a bid to ramp up production of green jet fuel to deal with carbon credits and climate change by 2028.

Dissect Costs Versus Benefits of Conservation Practices

Define your goals and desired ROI for conservation practices on your farm.

Is the Shipping Crisis on the Mississippi River Coming to an End? What is the Outlook for Spring?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been dredging the river 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since July but hopes to finish very soon.

Brandt Re-Launches Its Product Finder App

This update re-imagines the app, incorporating new features, a clean, simplified design and a modern user interface.

The Scoop Podcast: Jumping On The Bullet Train

Court White manages the ag sales team at Logan Agri-Service in western Illinois. When he joined as a sales team member he says it was like jumping on the bullet train.

Valent BioSciences Announces the Acquisition of FBSciences

The acquisition of FBSciences, headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee, greatly strengthens Valent BioSciences’ participation in the rapidly growing $3.5 billion global biostimulant market.

John Phipps: What the Crisis in Ukraine is Revealing About the Essential Use of Satellites

For Ukrainians, the introduction of Starlink has been essential. As Russian barrages destroy cell towers and blow up landlines, satellite internet connection is not just an option, but it's now a lifeline.

Truterra Eyes a Path For Every Farmer, Transformation to Carbon Insets

Tom Ryan says this will be a transformational year for two reasons: the groundswell of efforts with USDA Climate Smart grants and a shifting focus to carbon insets.

Carbon Program Providers Say Buyer Demand is Outpacing Farmer Supply 

Currently, most voluntary carbon programs are based on payment for a change of practice on the farm. But what’s the tipping point for farmers to make any change in exchange for enrollment in a carbon program? 

The Ag Analyst's Briefing: Week of Jan. 30

On the watchlist this week are the recent actions by the Fed. As well as recent and upcoming earning reports. 

USDA Deputy Secretary Jewel Bronaugh Exits to Spend More Time With Family

USDA's second-highest ranking executive, Jewel Bronaugh, announced her resignation on Thursday as Agriculture Deputy Secretary.

Growmark Acquires Allied Seed

Growmark, the current majority owner of Allied Seed, acquired the remaining ownership held by GreenPoint Ag Holdings, LLC, headquartered in Decatur, Alabama.

Does All This Rain and Snow Mean La Niña Is Loosening Its Grip On the U.S.?

The sudden switch from drought to too much precipitation in parts of California now begs the question: Is the weather changing, and will California start to dig out from three consecutive years of drought?

USTR Again Raises Ag Biotech, GMO Corn Issue with Mexico

While Mexico wants to reduce its imports of corn by 30% to 40% by 2024, Mexico's Deputy Ag Minister Victor Suarez told reporters that it cannot replace its imports of U.S. corn for livestock feed.

Farming for the Future in the Heart of the Mississippi Delta

Success germinates by prioritizing family and land stewardship for Silent Shade Planting Company, the 2023 Top Producer of the Year.

3 Tenets Of A Decade-Forward View of the U.S. Food System

The food system is undergoing transformation, says Rob Dongoski, Ernst & Young. He pulled back the curtain on three ways it will change and how farmers can be ready during a presentation at the 2023 Top Producer Summit.

A New Way to Rent Ground Is Gaining Traction — With Cash Rent Bids In Illinois Topping $600 Per Acre

The cash rent auction concept is an open and transparent format where a landowner places ground up for rent and farmers bid based on how much they would pay per acre to farm the ground for the specific term.

U.S. Officials Stress ‘Grave Concerns’ to Mexico Over GMO Corn

U.S. officials told Mexico its approach on biotech crops are still “not grounded in science," and will face a USMCA battle if the matter is not resolved.

Farmer Panel: Climate-Smart Program Rewards Must Outweigh Risks To Earn Grower Participation

Profitability and efficiency are big drivers for growers evaluating conservation-based farming practices. Each farmer who spoke at the Trust In Food Symposium said they have adopted at least one such practice, to date.

Natural Gas Rebounds Monday after Hitting Lows Not Seen in A Year: Is the Bottom In?

Natural gas prices rebound Monday after hitting lows not seen in a year.  Is the bottom in?  John Wenzel, Senior Risk Management Consultant with StoneX has details.

Will There Be A Lettuce Shortage This Year As Parts of Drought-Plagued California Are Now Flooding?

From flooding to mudslides, an atmospheric river produced rain that wreaked havoc on agriculture and infrastructure in the state. One of the hardest-hit areas is the Salinas Valley, a large lettuce production area.

The Ag Analyst’s Briefing: Week of Jan. 23 Watchlist

Eyes are on Thursday's GDP release and public company earnings.

Farm Legend in the Making, Ken Ferrie Delivers Bare-Bones Crop Truth

Agriculture’s simple kind of man, Ken Ferrie is all fact and no flash, with a stellar reputation for honesty. “A farmer wants one thing from me, the truth.”

What's Really Driving Egg Prices 138% Higher in a Year?

Farm Action is asking the FTC to explore why the nation's largest egg company is seeing record-high profits while consumers pay record-high prices. Ag economists say the jump in egg prices is simply supply and demand.

Soybean Harvest Is Just Beginning in Brazil. Here’s What the Crop Looks Like

After a week in Mato Grosso, the AgResource team estimates a final yield estimate of 60.3 bu. per acre, which is 8 bu. more than CONAB’s current forecast.

Ceres CCA Receives Top State Honor

Troy Jenkins, a veteran member of the Agronomy Team at Ceres Solutions Cooperative, has been named by Indiana CCA as the Top Certified Crop Advisor of 2022.

California Drought: Looks Promising But the Jury is Still Out

“We keep a close eye on reservoirs, and they're looking promising at the moment,” Matt Comrey says. “But the jury's still out."

Where Did China's Population Go, And What Does It Mean For China's Historically Strong Export Demand?

Officials in China now say the population sits at 1.4 billion, which came as a surprise to many economists and market analysts. The news draws concerns about what it means for demand both short- and long-term.

The Fertilizer Institute Names 2023 4R Advocates

Now in its 12th year, the 4R Advocate program demonstrates the in-field successes of implementing 4R practices based on the right source, rate, time, and placement of fertilizer.

John Deere and Nutrien Ag Solutions Deepen Tech Integrations

This is a multi-year agreement jointly announced by both companies to improve agronomic outcomes. 

Ferrie: Assess Your Risks for Tar Spot this Season

Cornfields hit by the disease in 2021 are at risk from a homegrown infection in 2023, if you're in a corn-soybean rotation. Hard rains prior to crop canopy are an added concern. They splash inoculant onto corn plants.

Ostara Secures US$70 Million In Funding to Scale North American Production of Phosphate Fertilizer

Ostara will use the funding to complete construction of its St. Louis manufacturing facility, which will produce and ship this unique fertilizer to more North American farmers.

USDA's Reports Had an Even Bigger Surprise Than the 1.6 Million Acre Drop In Corn, and It Deals with Demand

USDA’s January reports last week sent some supply shocks to the market. The agency penciled in a 1.6 million-acre-drop to U.S. unharvested corn acres, but the bigger concern may be the trend of dropping demand.