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CHS Ag Industry Day Provide Optimistic Outlook for 2023 Growing Season in Northern Plains

Every year, farmers from the Northern Plains make their way to the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND...for the CHS Ag Services Ag Industry Day where they got an update on weather, agronomics and markets for 2023.

Is Russia's Threat to Nix Black Sea Grain Deal a Potential Ploy to Push Wheat Prices Higher?

Russia is now saying it will only extend its Black Sea grain deal if sanctions are lifted on its own agricultural products. The deal, which was brokered last year, allowed for safe passage of Ukrainian ag products. 

Syngenta Group and Yara adopt Varda’s Global Field ID system

Norway-based crop nutrition company Yara and the Syngenta Group have entered into a partnership with agtech startup Varda, which was founded by Yara.

What Antibiotics Will No Longer be Available OTC?

On June 11, 2023, the following antibiotics will no longer be available for purchase over-the-counter.

Warren Buffett’s 6 Pieces of Advice for Business CEOs

“Our CEO will always be the Chief Risk Officer – a task it is irresponsible to delegate,” says American investor Warren Buffett.

John Phipps: Is the World On the Verge of Running Out of Phosphates?

Morocco is sitting on 75-85% of proven global phosphate reserves, but projections of phosphate depletion span from 50 to 300 years. John Phipps explains why the concerns about peak phosphate production may be overblown.

When Farmers Think Differently About Fertilizer

"It’s about getting more into the plant, getting more into the crop of what you put down and not losing as much to the environment,” says Karl Wyant.

Three Days On the Job, NCGA's New CEO is Pushing for Trade Dispute Settlement Over Mexico's GMO Corn Ban

Mexico is accusing the U.S. of playing politics over the GMO corn issue, but NCGA CEO Neil Caskey says if Mexico wants non-GMO, they'll need to pay a premium for it instead of violating a trade pact already in place. 

Superior Ag President and CEO Barry Day Announces Upcoming Retirement

The Superior Ag Board of Directors will engage in a nationwide search for a President and CEO to fill Barry Day’s vacancy with the assistance of Ag1Source

UPL And AgBiTech Expand Biosolutions Partnership in North America

Through the collaboration, UPL will distribute AgBiTech’s entire portfolio of biosolutions through its Natural Plant Protection (NPP) business unit in the United States.

What Ag Equipment Parts Are In the Shortest Supply Right Now?

The National Farm Machinery Show revealed one major theme: the supply chain is still posing major problems for ag equipment manufacturers, an issue that's improving, but could still last the remainder of this year.

River Rebound: Is the Shipping Crisis on the Mississippi Ending?

With improved snowpack in areas such as Montana and precipitation through the midsection of the country late last fall and this winter, the Mississippi River and its tributaries could be back to normal by this spring. 

Ferrie: Nitrogen-Friendly Growing Season Results in Corn Yield Bonanza

Some farmers saw A 40-bu-per-acre yield surge across fields in 2022, thanks to nutrient efficiencies. They lost less N and had better mineralization. Now, they ask, how can they get a repeat performance this year?

Willard Ag to Testify Tuesday at House Ag Committee Hearing

To watch the hearing live and view additional materials for this hearing, click here.

'It Looks Like a War Zone': Texas Farmer Describes Wheat Crop Now Ravaged by Sunday's Derecho and Dust Storm

Scenes across Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas resemble the Dust Bowl after winds topping 100 mph ravaged the area. Growers are dealing with a dryland wheat crop that could already see abandonment as high as 80%.

8 State Requests for Year-Round E15 Reviewed by US Budget Office

Without the Office of Management and Budget approval, states will be unable to sell E15 fuel in the summer months.

Ukraine Farmers See Crop Production and Exports Reduced a Year After the Russian Invasion Began

A year after Russia invaded Ukraine farmers continue to see reduced crop production and exports. Farming has been difficult in the middle of a war, but farmers such as Nick Gordiichuk have persevered.

The Ag Analyst’s Briefing: Week of Feb. 27 Watchlist

As the week begins, we are focused on geopolitics, U.S. farm bill discussions and the interest rate / inflation / economic growth / credit deterioration debate

Is Your Local Fire Department in Need of a Grain Bin Rescue Tube and Training? Nationwide Wants to Help

In 2014, Nationwide launched Grain Bin Safety Week to not only get the essential rescue tools in the hands of first responders, but also the essential training. Nominations are now open for local departments.

Nutrien’s Must-Have List for Its Technology

The possibilities with future products and services demand connectivity says Cameron Holbrook, vice president of digital at Nutrien. 

U.S. Orange Production at Lowest Level Since Great Depression: Florida Growers and Orange Juice Prices Feel the Shock Waves

Orange production in Florida is projected to be down nearly two-thirds from last year and according to USDA at levels not seen since the Great Depression.  What does this mean for producers and consumers?

Ken Ferrie: Early Bird Gets the Bushels

You can’t always predict the weather; but you can put plans in place so you’re ready to plant in all conditions.

Supreme Court May Soon Announce Prop 12 Decision; Here's Why All Producers Should Care

“If California were to win this Supreme Court case, there’s nothing stopping the state from saying, for example, you can only sell corn in California if it’s harvested with an electric combine,” Dillard says.

What's The Biggest Supply Chain Headache Crippling Equipment Manufacturers Right Now?

Supply chain challenges consistently hit ag in 2022.  While 2023 shows improvement with fertilizer availability, National Farm Machinery Show revealed the ag equipment sector is still fragile to supply problems.

10 Ways FFA Made Us Better

FFA is a nearly limitless opportunity for young people to figure out who they are and what they want to do in life. Here are 10 lessons Farm Journal employees learned through FFA that they use every day. 

Is the Biden Administration's Finally Making Some Progress on Their Trade Agenda?

Is the Biden Administration's trade agenda finally making some progress? Farm groups are hopeful after key appointments are confirmed and some recent success stories on the trade front.

Poll Results: The Majority of 500+ Farmers Have Locked In 2023 Inputs

With higher-than-average costs and spring planting on the horizon, farmers are locking in their 2023 input needs.  

Thunder Seed Selects Meristem Crop Performance

Thunder Seed of Dilworth, Minn. has selected Meristem Crop Performance to be their marketing partner for specialty crop input products, including the newly patented BioCapsule and Microbilze biological delivery systems.

No Fatalities, But 2022 Dust Explosion Incidents Were Above Average

The explosions occurred in one ethanol plant, two feed mills, two grain elevators, two rice mills and two grain processing plants.

The Ag Analyst's Briefing: Week of Feb. 20

Friday marks the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

Restocking Will Be a Slow-Go

The smallest beef cow herd in 60 years will be rebuilt cautiously as ranchers struggle to recover from the perfect storm of economic and weather black swans.

2022 CCA Conservationist of the Year Named

The CCA Conservationist of the Year Award annually recognizes a certified crop adviser who exhibits dedication to exceptional conservation delivery and customer service and has shown to be a leader in their industry.

FBN’s Co-Founder Steps Down As CEO, New Leader Comes From Investing Background

FBN has new leadership as Amol Deshpande will step down as CEO effective Feb. 28. 

Market for Meal: Morocco Holds Promise As A Key Buyer for U.S. Soybean Products

As U.S. soybean processing expands, it's vital to create new outlets for all the additional soybean meal. One such outlet could be Morocco.

2017 Outlook
5 Crop and Livestock Charts to Ponder from USDA’s 10-Year Outlook

What will the next decade hold for your farm? What factors should you use to weigh investments or crop planning?  Here are five trends and data sets to ponder from USDA's latest Agricultural Baseline Projections.

How Long Does it Take to Write a Farm Bill?

The House will take the reins in writing farm bill 2023. House Ag Chairman Thompson says the pen is “firmly” in his hand, with few tweaks to be made from 2018. The Senate says their version is nearly complete.

C-Suite: Grain Trail Transformation

Now partnering with more than 2,400 grain facilities in the U.S. and Canada, Bushel amped up its drumbeat to digitize the grain trail and kill the need for the traditional paper trail.

Machine Learning Arrives On The Farm

AI is not our buddy at the coffee shop who thinks he knows more than he does. Computer AI sophistication is advancing rapidly and will no doubt arrive at the farm gate in short order. 

Oklahoma State University Scientists Score a Big Win, Developing the Turf for Super Bowl LVII

Oklahoma State University’s Turfgrass Research Center has a new claim to fame: creating the turf for Super Bowl 57. The Chiefs and Eagles will be play the big game on Tahoma 31, a turf developed by OSU scientists.

Why You Need to Pay Attention Now to EPA’s Proposed Rodenticide Mitigation Measures

EPA is proposing changes to rodenticides that would result in canceling products and uses, adding more requirements to labels, and reclassifying some products to restricted use pesticides. Here's what you need to know.

Global Grain Shuffle: Is The End Of U.S. Grain Export Dominance Near?

It didn’t start with the swing of an ax in the Amazon or by an explosion in Kiev. Both contributed, but the shifts in global grain flows is a multifaceted prism through which the future is continuing to evolve.

Super Bowl Commercial Puts Spotlight on Illinois Farming Family

An Illinois pig farmer and his family will be starring in a Super Bowl commercial. Here's why Chad Bell of Viola, Ill., continues to say "yes" when it comes to being a voice for agriculture.

Where Urea Fits

If you're looking to replace some of your nitrogen this season, urea is an option. Volatility will be one of the things to address.

3 Supply and Demand Takeaways from USDA's February Report

While Tyler Schau, AgMarket.Net hedging strategist, wouldn’t call this month’s report a barnburner, it did have a few market implications.

Bill Anderson to Become CEO of Bayer

Bill Anderson, most recently the head of Roche's pharmaceuticals division, will succeed Werner Baumann as chief executive at Germany's Bayer on June 1.

3 Machines Helping to Win the Weed Fight

Herbicide-resistant weeds are a growing problem for farmers across the country. Luckily some new technologies are on the horizon to help battle the bullies of the plant world. 

Retailer Takes Selective Spraying To The Field

As one of the first retailers to commercial selective spraying in their agronomic offering, Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy Sales/Marketing at NuWay-K&H Cooperative shares how they are positioning this technology.

Trimble GFX-750 Display and NAV-900
Exclusive: Trimble's Precision Ag Products Now Available From Independent Dealer Partners For All Makes and Models

Trimble, a company known for its precision agriculture hardware and cloud-based applications, is updating its aftermarket distribution strategy, making it easy for farmers to access and adopt precision ag solutions.

Rain Or Drought? What to Expect from the Weather Following the End of La Niña?

As La-Niña ends, meteorologists say the next two months could determine whether we see a drought like 2012 or a return of regular rains across the lower 48.

USDA Confirms Farmers’ Fears: Net Farm and Net Cash Farm Income Expected to Fall This Year 

USDA’s first official net farm income forecast shows an expected 16% drop in 2023 net farm income, largely due to a decline in commodity prices and government payments with higher expenses and costs at the farm level.