True Grit: A Tribute to Ranchers Who Weathered the Extremes This Week

The record cold temperatures and extreme weather had a major impact on ranchers across the country, but through it all, the men and women showed what the true definition of a rancher is.  

The work of a rancher often goes untold. Cowboys and cowgirls wearing their work on their sleeves, but not always on their face. It’s hard work that often goes untold, but work you are often born to do.

Braving the extreme weather, enduring the frigid temperatures this week, putting your livestock before you. It’s a livelihood maybe you chose. Maybe it's one you were born into, but no matter the path you took to get here, it’s a responsibility you don’t take lightly.

This week, you showed the true grit or a rancher. It didn’t matter the time of day, or night. Whether it was 3 in the morning, or 3 in the afternoon, you were there to make sure those newborn calves  stayed warm, and in many cases, saving their lives, sometimes, there was nothing more you could do. 

It was a constant battle. Breaking ice so your livestock had water, checking on your cows at all hours, placing the priority on them. It’s each of you who put in way more than a 40 hour week, knowing just what had to be done to put your livestock first. Sleep may have been rare and sporadic this week. And the bitter cold that bit through your clothing reminded you just how tough of a career this really is. But you put in the work; work that not just anyone could do. 



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