Valent Launches Liquid Soil Enhancement Product

This week Valent U.S.A. LLC is announcing its launch of MycoApply EndoPrime SC, a liquid formulation of the soil enhancement product MycoApply EndoPrime. The product will be applied in-furrow and contains four unique components that improve soil health, nutrient efficiency and drought tolerance.

Four types of mycorrhizal fungi colonize the root system of the corn plant and create filaments that attach to root hairs and extend into areas of the soil otherwise inaccessible to roots, according to the company. The fungi can store resources and release them when the plant needs them, like in a drought situation.

On the soil health side of the equation mycorrhizal fungi produce compounds that create glomalin, a sticky protein that helps build stable soil aggregates and improve soil structure.

“Ultimately, MycoApply EndoPrime SC causes the plant to expand its root absorption area, providing access to additional nutrients and water not previously available to the plant,” said Todd Mayhew, product development manager for Valent in a recent news release. “These benefits are available to the crop season-long, unlike many biostimulants whose benefits are short-lived."


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